Monday, November 12, 2012

A Sad Day

Walking down the road I saw smoke rising in the fresh air that will no longer be fresh but ha I can’t solve that can I know. Guess what it was the dairy on fire and that was one of the places where you could get lollies and fizzy so I saw people dashing out to save the lives then suddenly it all calabed and I felt sad for the people who lived there. They were crying and yelling and more crying and yelling!!!!!!!!!

I heard sirens that were very loud, I think it’s the Fire Engine with ten strong men like me of course. They turned on the Fire Hose and all you could see was a large amount of  water shooting out and it looked awesome. Then it hit me that I would love to be a Fire person and just imagine all the adventurers will have.

Hot Wheels

Check this out for your self and you will like it.

Friday, November 9, 2012


One day I was doing free time then I found a website could and then suddenly something weird happened. Something weird happened some kind of ugly monster at our school. But It was not just some kind of monster it is a alien. oh no what happened! 

The alien looked ugly but it was harmless. it was so nice. But it could not speak. Later on it looked very hungry. So we tried to feed it Mc Donald's but he would not eat it. 

Finally we found out what to feed him he wanted worms for lunch. Then we played rugby with him. It was hard because he kept on bumping off each other.


Today at assembly we were talking about how we are doing very great with our work. Because lately we have had visitors come to our school. And this wednesday we won an award for maniakalani and Neven went to wellington on behalf of our school.

I was very happy when we found out about the good news. I like assembly because you get awards from our principal Mr Burt.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Two Soldiers Crossing the road

2 Soldiers go out for a walk...

Well there was 2 solders out for a walk doing there thing one was name Bob and one was Caddy. In the middle of a war playing hand games until a huge cat they thought they had saw and. So they ran about 5 steps away from and huge cat. But when they herd a little cat sounds they run back it didn't take long. But when they got closer they saw a huge cat shadow and Caddy stay and Bob ran. The huge cat went closer and then they saw it was a cute small cat.

It belong to a old man they know they luck Bob ran because He don't like any cats. He things they are alien that came from space. FREAKY  As Chaddy took the cat to the old man that was 5 blocks away. The old man came running outside and crab it of Chaddy  the old man had said "YOU FIND HIM YOU FIND HIM THANK YOU VERY MUCH DO YOU WANT TO COME INSIDE. Well he said no. The old man side "What is your name young man Chaddy said "Chad wick but they call me Chaddy.

The old man feed the cat why Chaddy ran away the old man went inside with a big smile on his face. As Chaddy walk in the he saw Alex he was only 31 Chaddy was 21. Chaddy saw a gun in Alex hand and said I forget all about the war and he crap Bob that was under the biggest tree yelling help help help as chaddy got there. Bob and them got back in the war .

Until it was till late there was a huge the biggest uncle and that when they ran a way trip over and everyone who was in the war and it was a trap there was know war and there were know real guns they were not real.

WHAT A LAUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH