Sunday, July 28, 2013

Long Boarding Is Awesome!!!!!

Whistling past everyone, I was on a long board, and feeling like a racing car that was on turbo!!! Reaching my goal at the top of the ramp, I slid down on the solid smooth ground. Zoom zoom zoom through the skate park. Enjoying it. Zipping and zapping like a lightning bolt struck the Sky Tower.

Do you know what a long board is? A long board is a skate board except it is much longer. You will need to have great balance and speed with your legs. My family only has two and I like long boarding and can do it if I have spare time. Me and Jordan (my brother) like long boarding and ride on them up and down the driveway.

We even have races but not all the time. Do you have one? Would you enjoy one? I enjoy hanging on a long board with my family and we think that it is a great thing to do at the skate park. My friends enjoy it, and their names are Uili and Wyatt. You can buy one online or at a skate shop.

Maybe I might see you at the skate park with a long board sometime.

Ice Skating Rocks!!!

Skating on ice is so fun that everyone calls it Ice Skating. It was my first time on the Ice. Eventually I got used to it and it was so cool that I went so fast. I past everyone like a cheetah. Have you ever skated on ice before?

Have I told you that I was amazing at it? Well I am!!! All you need to do is hold on to the wall and pull yourself toward the end of the wall and you will get going in no time. How you turn is just to lean whichever way you want to go.

There were five of us Ice Skating and we were having a great time. My youngest brother Toby was very good even though he was just five. Noah and Jordan were excellent as well. They enjoyed it so much. Mum and I were helping Toby but mum helped him most and I think that we are the best at Ice Skating kids and parent ever. I love my family and they are talented!!!   

Ice Skating is awesome and cool!!!!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun Run

​ Breathing in and out of my nose ready to Run for the Fun Run YEAH!!!! Waiting for the horn to blow I had a lot of nevers running through me . It is not really fun to run but it is algood. Do you like to run for fun??? We had to run for 5km and it was hard but not for me. The horn went and off all of team five ran and it got myself all covred in mud and it was muddy. 

​We had to run around the reser five times just like that. I was in the lead for the first to forth and then the fastest person in the school was Potaua. He is a year eight and he is fast. Even faster then me. The teachers had been cheering us all on. There was about 11 cones all togher. I was in blue because I that was my team colour. It is also very hot while running. I had come a tie with Potaua and my time was 22.30 or 24.34. See you running!!!!

Cyber smart

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rugby 2013

Rugby is a sport that you may kick, pass, score tries and tackle. It is a sport that lots of countries learn and play against other teams like the All Blacks, which is by far the best team in the world. They had just beaten France’s 3rd test match. It also keeps me fit. That is why I play rugby because I would like to play for a team like the All Blacks. I play for the U12’s rugby team  for Marist. I enjoy it a lot.

I sometimes score a try but it is hard because you have to be able to have the speed to run past them and it is so hard. Marist is a club team and it is a team that  has to beat other team’s like Varsity who are a hard team to beat. I also play for my school, Pt England, and it’s the best.

Last year we made it to the Auckland Champions and we were the Champions of Champions. We tried to make it in this year but we lost against Sacred Heart. They were good. I have to play in rugby boots and there are two types of rugby boots and I wear moulds not sprigs.  I enjoy it but I am still learning how to tackle with my shoulder but it always hurts and it is also fun if you play. I wish I could at least get a try.  

Enjoy playing Rugby!!!!!``

Monday, July 8, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

Both called Red
Red Had a mobile Phone
Both Girls
She is greedy

Both wearing Red
also Lazy

There is a wolf in both
The grandma get eaten.

Cares a lot
Only thinks about herself
Loves her grandma
Grandma gets eaten

Granny gets eaten
Wolfs are bad
Fiery Temper

Michael Jackson- Beat It

Beat it. We made a movie from beat it Michael Jackson on the link.

Little Red Riding Hood

Admiring the thousands of flowers in the forest little Red suddenly was staring into the eyes of a fearless wolf. In a Deep voice the Wolf said, “Hello Where are you off to?”.
“I am on my way to the bakery for a cheese cake to eat at grannys at lunch” Little Red replied.

“May I help you get it and travel to your granny's safely”. Don’t you know that the forest is a dangerous place. The wolf said.
“Okay” Little Red answered back. `
“Where about does your granny live?” The wolf desperately replied.  “It is the first house on the left”. So they set off into the jungle. To be countied