Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Plant And Food Research

“Hello everyone I’m Laura, I’m Lara, and I’m Jacob and we work for Plant and Food Research” Said Laura, Lara, and Jacob. All three of them see if some fruits are sweet and what fruits aren’t. They came to Pt England School to tell us about their job and why they wanted to be a scientist.

After they introduced themselves they asked if anyone knew what a Acid is and Base, but no one knew. They had two scientist Glass Beakers which one of the Glass Beakers has Acid in it and the colour was purple. The other Glass Beaker has the base and the colour was dark green. They asked us “is the Acid is stronger than the Base?” I voted that the Acid is stronger so the Base will disappear. So I was right.

“Do you know what Dry Ice is?” said Laura. Some of us did others had a guess. Did you know that Dry Ice can burn you? It can so they had safety gloves to poor the Dry Ice into the Glass Breaker and in the Glass Beaker was water, and what does Ice do when it is in water? Dry Ice sinks to the bottom and out the top of the Glass Beaker was Carbon Dioxide.

Ki O Rahi

Do you know what Ki O Rahi? How do you play it? Those are wonderful question and I’ll tell you. Ki O Rahi is a Maori sport and there are two teams. One team is called Taniwha and the other team is called Kioma. In both teams there are seven on the field/court. They had seven big cones and it is called a pou. There was a rubbish bin in the middle and it is called the tupu.

There was little cones about five steps away from the tupu and it was a boundary so you can’t run up to the tupu and hit it. Taniwha had to get the ball and through it and the tupu and there are only at least three defenders defending the tupu. Kioma would be defending the tupu from Taniwha from getting points.

Kioma had to touch as many pou as they could and they could pass it into the middle as many times as they could. But if Taniwha gets the ball then Kioma lost there pou points. Kioma can run into the middle and they can put the ball down and that is one point.

Getting Braces

Getting Braces

First day back to Pt England School in term 3 ready to learn much more. Heading to the hall to start Immersion assembly and started the day. Ms Tito comes out from one side of the stage to get on her triathlon bike that she uses in the triathlon. While she was peddling in the same spot Mr Jacobson came down the aisle on his Mountain bike.

While watching everything that is going on in assembly, my fabulous mother came to pick me up from school. Jumping into the car to go somewhere, I ask my mum “Where we are going?” My Mum replied “remember where going to your Orthodontist appointment!!!.”  Arriving to the Orthodontist with nerves shaking through me just because I'm getting Braces. I won’t be at school for an hour and a half at least.

Pressing the number three on the elevator to go to the highest floor in the building. Keeping in mind, that I'm going to have two appointments. The first appointment is getting my teeth to be as white as snow. The reason that your teeth have to be so white is so that the Braces can stick to them. It was at least 30 minutes or more and I had to open my mouth as far as I could open it for. I had to leave it open for 45 minutes and my mouth was sore.

Then after 10 minutes it was time for everything to change. So, I had to choose two colours for my Braces, I choose orange and yellow. Next, I had to have two people put my Braces. One person was getting the tools and handing it over to the other person, the other person was doing all of this crazy stuff with crazy tools.  But.  I couldn't see what I was going on. Finally they had finished but when they did I took the glasses off, and couldn't see where I was going.

Hopefully no one laughs at me.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Skatepark!!!!

Zigging and zagging through the difficult Skatepark going around the fierce turns and jumps. Shaking with nerves up and down my spine ready to go down a steep ramp. Pushing very gently to go down the scary ramp. Speeding down like a jet in full speed trying to control the speed in a speedy Skatepark.

My precious family and I got used to the skatepark because we went there three days in a row. There were plenty of others who also came to master their skills. Me and my family were having the time of our lives. While having the time of our lives we were skating the long turns which were as easy as cake. The jumps were about 2 meters high and I nailed it.

That tells you that if you keep your mind to it you can accomplish anything. An example if you wanted to get a try in rugby then you have to keep it in your mind and then the magic happens. At the end you would have scored many tries. There are many things that can be accomplished but only if you keep your mind to whatever it is.

Skating is a skill and it is pretty hard but in my family we say “I will or I won't” instead of “I can’t.” That means give it a go. If you come across a Skatepark then give it a go and have fun. I look forward to see you doing your tricks on a skateboard.