Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adventure Time Dance Off

Check this out. My Adventure Time Dance Off.

Funniest Camp Moment

The funniest thing happened at Camp Bentzon I optimus number 12 got chosen to be sailed by a  girl who had the meanest looks I think her name was Giselle she was too amazing for her age.

She pushed and shoved just to be in my optimus I felt real special until they pulled me into the water. I felt as if this really great looking stranger would use me well and had confidence but I was really really...WRONG!
I thought she was confident but she was moaning and groaning to not go in the water my excitement went from a hundred percent to well below than zero.

But she was not allowed to stay because everyone had to participate in this event. I'm sure your thinking the same thing "What's up with humans" am I right? am I right? Of course I am also I am the most beautiful sail if you know what I mean. But as soon as we hopped into the water she freaked out and the water was three inches high.
At that moment I just didn't want her to be in my boat.

Christmas Holidays

“Yay school is finishing for six weeks shouts the Boys”. Well only one and a half week left of school. “You know what I am going to for the long holidays? I am just sleeping and sleeping and sleeping ” says Jabez. “Me too” said Uili! "for six weeks!"
" Really?" I said.

I just can't wait till school finishes because so many other things are  coming like Christmas, Like when we eat my Mum's chocolate strawberries! Actually it will be fun but also we would miss this year with my friends!


Hmmm today I am going to show you a picture about the fireworks. I am going to show you how my guy walks and puts it in his yard and put the firework down.  And It is in the sky and it looks so cool a cool.
I hope you like my picture about the fireworks. From Levi,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

It has been a fabulous year with a netbook and has changed the way that I learn. Also it has been a challenging time for me because the internet can sometimes be slow. I’m looking forward to next year.

I like to be creative and I like to record other people’s digital objects, writing, reading and drawing. I love making up drawings on Tux-Paint. Tux-Paint is a learning tool that helps us draw on these mini laptops. It is very interesting what you learn and all about it.

I would like if we had a netbook cover to put on it. This would help to make sure your battery doesn’t slip out and protect the screen. I would love it if the wireless wasn’t too slow for next year. This slows down my learning and creativity.

Thank you Mrs and Mr Burt and Asus for these netbooks. You have made my year much learning better.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chicken Twins

Well you know what was funny at school while everyone was at camp? Well if you don't know this is what my story is going to be about.

The funniest thing was that we all were searching up thing that would be funny and someone found a photo of this guy with Mohawk and as you know that chickens have them too. Also it was the same colour orange! So then the tittle was called twins?

"That is cool" said a girl. But it actually is kind a funny. But we seriously loved it so we started to write about it.