Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stardom Trip

This is a 50 word story. Hope you enjoy.

Going on this Trip will be very cool. Walking up the giant One Tree Hill, was very cool because I had ran the hole way with a friend called Isiah. It was very funny to run up with him. Running to the Stardom I said” we finished running. Lunch time !!!

That's it for today.Thanks for reading my story.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

With all the exciting news that I heard from Miss King was that we were going to make Ice Cream Comets.

As Miss King drop a chanck of ice cream in to my hands. It was so freezing and that is why I wanted to let it go. But I did not. The sprinkles made the ice cream look fabulous. I was waiting to put an ice cream cone underneath it.

Before I got a cone to put the ice cream in it, it was dripping through my hands. As I was eating it I my face was coverd in ice cream because it was so delicious. I wanted more but there was not a lot left to have seconds.

I had enjoyed those ice cream comets.

ImmersiLevi on Assembly Outta This World

Let me take you out on a journey to space the outside of our world. Maybe should go to mars but we must have all the gear first.

In Immersion Assembly at Pt England School our topic is all about space. It a very cool topic for us to learn about many things in space. I was sitting up waiting to find out what our topic was for the rest of the term 4. I am so glad to to learn about space.

My favourite team was the star wars one because it was so funny. Everyone laughed. Their was no way I would stop laughing. It was a great time to laugh.

Thanks for listening to my story.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alien Snot

Room 13 made icky alien snot and it was an activate.

The things you need to make alien snot is simple. You need a little bit of water a bowl and some cornflour & some green food colouring and a spoon.

First you poor 1 cup of cornflour in your bowl. Then you poor in that little bit of water & then stir it with that spoon. Know add the green food colouring and there you have alien snot.

That was a great thing to do if you are learning about space.