Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are Lollies Bad For You

There are a lot of different lollies like, Bubble gum, Lollipops, Sour lollies, Pineapple lumps, Sour snakes, Razzo and a whole lot more.  

Children should not eat lollies. They can do horrible things to you like rot your teeth and give you diabetes and you don’t want it. They also make you hyper and you can go crazy. It can also make you  feel sick and make you fat and you won't be able to run or do exercise.   

Even though lollies are yummy and tasty, it has too much sugar and it’s bad for you.
They can make you happy, but only for a short amount of time. They are so cheap to buy, that is why people buy heaps of lollies.

Children adore lollies and there are many of them that do. Once you eat one packet you have to eat more and it is hard not to.  Children can get addicted from lollies like me.  Lollies make kid go weird.

Don’t eat too much lollies or you’ll get fat.

Friday, May 24, 2013


In America, there is a place that sells enormous burgers that people love to eat.

There are some people in America that weigh over 500 pounds. Many restaurants in America sell fatty burgers. There is a lot of fat in it and that is how most of the people become obese!

Some people have to make over sized coffins and they even use them for young kids that are about 11 years old. A Lady hardly gets to go outside and when she walks in pain and she weighs about 750 pounds. She always eats and drinks junk food that is very unhealthy for her.

Obesity is growing in America. 1/3 of people are obese in America. Evansville, Indiana is the most obese state in America. Obesity can cause health problems like heart attacks, heart disease, shortness of breath, shorter life expectancy and much more.

This man was 29 when he died from being too obese and from eating more than you are meant to.  

Obesity is so not cool.

Friday, May 17, 2013

All About Eggs

You will have watched a movie called ‘What’s really in our food?’.
It is a short documentary about eggs presented by Petra Bagust. Complete this doc to share your understanding about the video.

1. How many eggs do NZers consume (eat) per day?

2. Complete the table to show what you know about the different ways that eggs are produced:

Where & how do the chickens live?
They live in a cage
Farm and shed
They live in a barn
What & how do the chickens eat?
Chicken feed
Chickens feed  and grass and bug
Chicken feed
Is anything artificial (fake) added to the chickens food? What? Why?
Yellow food colouring. So that the yolk can change colour
Bugs and worms for the eggs flavor
Yellow food colouring. So that the yolk can change colour
Is this type of egg expensive or cheap?
Is this a humane (good) way for the chickens to live and produce eggs? Why? Why not?
No because they can’t move
Yes and they are all free
They are just like caged hens but they are free
How are the eggs collected?
The eggs roll down
They lay it and pick it where it has been laid
They lay it and pick it where it has been laid

3. So what is the main difference between caged and free-range eggs? Free Range eggs are expensive and caged eggs are cheap.

4. What do you think is the best and most humane way to produce eggs? Why? Free range, because they can perch, run around, flap their wings, and dust bath.

5. Which is the cheapest way to produce eggs? Caged Hens.

4. Has the video changed your thinking about eggs and how they are produced? Why? Why not? They have because I never knew about eggs that much.

5. Do you think it will change the way your parents (or you in the future) will buy and eat eggs? Why? Why not? No because my mum buys Free range eggs and there the best.

6. What are the main health benefits of eating eggs? (Why are they good for us?) They are healthy.

7. How do you like your eggs? (fried? scrambled  and poached?)

A Healthy Recipe!!!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


e.p.f egg producing federation

nzers eat 920,000,000 eggs per year most caged

6 birds each cage

eggs are high in protein (easy for our bodies to digest)

if they are in a cage they can’t ( dust bathing, nesting, perching, flapping its wings, run around

organic VS cage eggs

barn eggs (cage free)

fried 2, scramble 19, poached 126

antibiotics for people safety


eggs last 21 days

Egg Report


New Zealanders eat about 920,000,000 eggs per year (mostly caged).

There were 6 hens per cage.  Eggs are laid but they can not leave their cage. Their cage is tilted on an angle so that the eggs can roll down. The hens have to stay on one side of the cage or they get an electric shock. I think that it is very harsh. Brown hens lay brown eggs and if it is a white hen then it lays white eggs.

Organic\ free range hens - more space, eat bugs and worms from grass & chicken feed. Barn hens are caged free. Free range hens can dust bath, perch, flap wings, run around and nest. Eggs give you a lot of protein. There was a survey about which egg tasted better: Organic or caged eggs. The winner was Organic, as caged eggs just lost.  

Egg yolk colour is dark in nz because colouring agents are added to the chicken feed. They say that if the yolk is darker it will taste yuck, but its not true. The information that we saw on Youtube was very interesting.

There are a lot of ways that you can cook eggs, Fried, Poached and Scrambled. There was a challenge that which of these eggs would win. The choice was, Fried, Poached or Scrambled. Fried eggs got 2 points, scrambled eggs got 19 points and poached eggs got 126 points. So more people liked poached eggs.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Healthy Sandwich

1. Bread Buns, 2 patties, 4 fresh and clean lettuce, 7 strips of onion, Mayo,   

2.YELLOW Buns, 6 patties, 2 pieces of ham,  9 strips of onion, 3 scoops of Mayo,

3.white Bread, 9 patties, chicken, 7 strips of red onion, cucumbers,

 Ingredients : lettuce, marmite, chicken,  tomatoes, cheese, pickles, cucumbers, ham, mayo, bread, veggies, chips, meant, jam, peanut butter, tuna, smoked fish



As WILL.I.AM entered our school, the only thing you could see was the camera people movie and a lot of heads turning. I couldn’t believe that WILL.I.AM chose to give 100.000.00.$ dollars to our school. “Why did they give the money to our school Mr Burt Tamai said” Because our work online said Mr Burt”.

We welcomed Will.i.am with a prayer, mihi, and performances. It was so cool because, the cameras that were there came from everywhere like, one news, hallenstein brothers and much more. The Hallenstein brothers gave a green stone as a gift to will.i.am, and my school sang a song. There were ten school’s from the manaiakalani area that came to see WILL.I.AM.

I really enjoyed meeting and seeing WILL.I.AM at our school, We were really lucky that he got to come to see our school and to look at our online learning. I wonder if WILL.I.AM will ever come back to our school?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Xbox 360 Star wars Lego.

It was so funny when we all were playing Xbox. Do you know what an Xbox is??? Well if you don't know then listen up. An Xbox is a little machine that you put a disc in and you have controls, so it's the same as a play station. There is a difference between the play station and the Xbox. The difference are that the controls are that play station has 8 buttons on both sides and

There is thousands of games and the ones that I like is Lego Star Wars, You have to try it! There are kinect games that are so cool to play, It is very tiring.There is different kinds of Xbox's.

My favourite character is master windu who has a different lightsaber because it is a purple and I wonder why he is the only one with a purple lightsaber. If you can post a blog and I'll be happy to look at it.

You have to try the game.