Friday, May 17, 2013

All About Eggs

You will have watched a movie called ‘What’s really in our food?’.
It is a short documentary about eggs presented by Petra Bagust. Complete this doc to share your understanding about the video.

1. How many eggs do NZers consume (eat) per day?

2. Complete the table to show what you know about the different ways that eggs are produced:

Where & how do the chickens live?
They live in a cage
Farm and shed
They live in a barn
What & how do the chickens eat?
Chicken feed
Chickens feed  and grass and bug
Chicken feed
Is anything artificial (fake) added to the chickens food? What? Why?
Yellow food colouring. So that the yolk can change colour
Bugs and worms for the eggs flavor
Yellow food colouring. So that the yolk can change colour
Is this type of egg expensive or cheap?
Is this a humane (good) way for the chickens to live and produce eggs? Why? Why not?
No because they can’t move
Yes and they are all free
They are just like caged hens but they are free
How are the eggs collected?
The eggs roll down
They lay it and pick it where it has been laid
They lay it and pick it where it has been laid

3. So what is the main difference between caged and free-range eggs? Free Range eggs are expensive and caged eggs are cheap.

4. What do you think is the best and most humane way to produce eggs? Why? Free range, because they can perch, run around, flap their wings, and dust bath.

5. Which is the cheapest way to produce eggs? Caged Hens.

4. Has the video changed your thinking about eggs and how they are produced? Why? Why not? They have because I never knew about eggs that much.

5. Do you think it will change the way your parents (or you in the future) will buy and eat eggs? Why? Why not? No because my mum buys Free range eggs and there the best.

6. What are the main health benefits of eating eggs? (Why are they good for us?) They are healthy.

7. How do you like your eggs? (fried? scrambled  and poached?)

A Healthy Recipe!!!!!

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  1. Hey levi I loved reading your post about eggs. It was quit interesting and I like my eggs to be fried.


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