Friday, May 24, 2013


In America, there is a place that sells enormous burgers that people love to eat.

There are some people in America that weigh over 500 pounds. Many restaurants in America sell fatty burgers. There is a lot of fat in it and that is how most of the people become obese!

Some people have to make over sized coffins and they even use them for young kids that are about 11 years old. A Lady hardly gets to go outside and when she walks in pain and she weighs about 750 pounds. She always eats and drinks junk food that is very unhealthy for her.

Obesity is growing in America. 1/3 of people are obese in America. Evansville, Indiana is the most obese state in America. Obesity can cause health problems like heart attacks, heart disease, shortness of breath, shorter life expectancy and much more.

This man was 29 when he died from being too obese and from eating more than you are meant to.  

Obesity is so not cool.

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