Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Chickens are a bird that can fly sometimes. They can lay up to six eggs and that is amazing. There are little baby chicks in the very tiny eggs.

One of my chickens head got chopped off. It was not a black chicken of course. There was a black rooster that was called Guy.

There are five more left. My favourite one is the black rooster. I want 12 more chickens.

I don’t know what I feed them. They live in a cage. The cage is 12 meters long.

I think that chickens are fast and talented and they are cool.


  1. Hey Levi I saw your chicken story it is funny but I like the facts you have put on you blog. cant wait till your next post.


  2. Hey Levi I really liked your story about chickens. I have never seen a black chicken in my life. I love to eat chicken, do you? Keep it up.

    From Uili

  3. Hey Levi, Cool story about chickens! I have actually owned one myself! I owned a little baby chick like the one on your photo! And yes I have seen a black chickens before. They are really cool and cute creatures!!! Keep it up!
    From Jouan :)

  4. Hay Levi, I like what you have done with your writing, your writing about chickens is pretty cool


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