Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are Lollies Bad For You

There are a lot of different lollies like, Bubble gum, Lollipops, Sour lollies, Pineapple lumps, Sour snakes, Razzo and a whole lot more.  

Children should not eat lollies. They can do horrible things to you like rot your teeth and give you diabetes and you don’t want it. They also make you hyper and you can go crazy. It can also make you  feel sick and make you fat and you won't be able to run or do exercise.   

Even though lollies are yummy and tasty, it has too much sugar and it’s bad for you.
They can make you happy, but only for a short amount of time. They are so cheap to buy, that is why people buy heaps of lollies.

Children adore lollies and there are many of them that do. Once you eat one packet you have to eat more and it is hard not to.  Children can get addicted from lollies like me.  Lollies make kid go weird.

Don’t eat too much lollies or you’ll get fat.

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  1. Hi Levi. I love lollies myself but after reading your blog, it reminded me that they can cause all the bad things you have mentioned. Your blog was very informative. Great job!


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