Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Movie for Christchurch

Mr Burt asked our whole school to think about what we would like to do to show our support for Christchurch. I thought that I would like to make a movie - I love making movies. Lucky for me, my Mum and Dad helped me out to come up with some cool ideas. I then got my teacher and class to join in with the fun.
I hope you like the movie Christchurch, we made it just for you.


  1. Wow what a powerful way to let the people of Christchurch know you are thinking of them.
    Thank you Levi

  2. He aha te mea nui o te ao?
    He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!
    What is the most important thing in the world?
    It is people! It is people! It is people!

    Thanks for reminding all of us what really matters, son.
    Love Mum and Dad

  3. Thankyou Levi and Room 13...that's a great video and we really appreciate the time you put into making it and your thoughts and prayers for the people of Christchurch. I am going to share it with my kids at Allenvale School when our school opens again.
    With thanks


  4. Nice one Levi. What an awesome project- very touching. Keep up the great work!
    Mrs Brieseman

  5. Thank you Levi and year 5 class. Christchurch finds strength in your love and support. This was great and I will share it with my friends.

  6. Hi Levi,

    I can see that you and your team put in an awesome
    effort in this video. It feel great to know that a young person like yourself can care so much for others. Keep up the great work creative dude

    Love Mrs Bush

  7. Thank you Levi, I am a friend of Miss Gleeson who said that she has helped your class with your netbooks. I actually live in Christchurch and it was a devastating event and still very scary. Luckily my husband and I have been able to move to stay with my cousin in Hamilton as we have lost our home and we have no work to go to.
    Thank you for sharing your support with us.....we really appreciate all your prayers and thoughts.

  8. Nice work there mate I like how explain how the earthquake was formed.

    cheers :) Benioni

  9. Great video, love it. Have you guys thought about having a red and black day ?

  10. Thank you Levi for showing me that wonderful video, but I fill sorry for those people who died in ChristChurch because It's really sad too hear your love ones past away.But anyway keep up the good work levi.

  11. Thats are really great idea that you guys decided to do.
    Well done!


  12. Nice video you put together for Christchurch, i like the awesome art work you did in the end!
    Great Job!

  13. Nice Job!
    I like how you guys that big painting!


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