Monday, March 31, 2014

Empathy Collage Writing

Empathy Poster

Empathy is what we have been learning for the last seven weeks. We have made empathy posters to put on our wall. Miss Paget gave us about one day to find pictures and print them out on the printer. we got given pastel, and felts. I have a picture of a dog looking after a kitten under it’s ear. The reason is because that dog is making sure that the cat is okay.

Empathy is about the feeling’s of other and the connections with each other. You help them when they are sad and that means you are caring for that person. You must be thinking. Do you show Empathy? How do you show Empathy?

Miss Paget gave as many was to show Empathy . She made a Empathy poster as well. Put yourself in someone else shoe and wonder what a hard time there going through. That was one of her way of showing Empathy .You must have help them when you see them struggling with stuff. Put yourself in someone else shoe and make sure that they are alright.
Show Empathy!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

DLO Maths Week 7

I am learning to use multiplication and division to solve 'Part Unknown' problems ( without diagrams ). We had problems to solve like 

4/9 of 27= 12 
27 divided by 9=3

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Hobbies

This a paragraph of some of my hobbies!!!
Hope you like them.
My hobbies are Reading, writing, and maths. Rugby is one of them as well, but I have main things for school. I love the hobbies that I have today, and forever. There is more hobbies that I like most is all sports. What is your hobbies? I've been a leader, for House groups like Tainui, and also been a leader, for dancing. Also Riverside witch year 8s help our principal with activity’s like dodge-ball.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Being A HouseLeader

Ohhhhhhhhh yeah we’re the best our teams too cool, we've got the stuff to rock our school, go Tainui go, go, go, go Tainui. Sorry I’m practising my house chant’s as a house Leader. Me and Annliz got chosen to be the Tainui House Leaders for 2014.

I love that they have faith in both of us to lead proudly against Taki-Timu, Te Arawa, and Mataatua. Having to do three chants for our team is pretty hard but we got over it. Tainui Split,Tai Nui, Tai Nui, Tai Nui, Tai

My team normally comes third but this year I will lead them and make sure we win. So may you please wish me luck. I’ll tell you if we do or not. But we will win. GO TAINUI!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

How to get to school

Rubbing my eyes ready to face the challenges that today brings, like Getting Changed, Make Breakfast, walk down to school, and school work with the right attitude. Me and my Brothers felt the same weakness everyday. Then if it is 8:15 that would be the time when I run down to school before 8:30. That is when Intermediate starts earlier than Primary. I would love it if we had more learning like more homework so I am ready to go to college. How would you get to school?

My favourite subject’s are Reading, and Maths. I wonder if I am good at them? I don’t know I just like the maths that we get. It is fun.

Writing Test

Pt England School is the place to be if your son our daughter has no other school. I go to Point England School. I am a year eight student here and also a house captain for Tainui (Blue). I also means that I am the responsibility for my house team. Do you Have House Leaders at your school? This year my teacher is Mrs Paget is sometimes the bomb, but sometimes she is also grumpy at us. That is because we aren’t behaving in class.

I think that she is very cool if you got to know her much better. My Favorite subject’s are Reading, and Maths and if Pe (sports) counts then that is my favorite. I love to play rugby, Basketball, league, and a lot more. What is your favorite sport? Do you do sport at your school? School is the bomb, but there is only one problem. I’m leaving to go to College next year. I can’t wait but at the same time I don’t want to leave.

Friends are cool I have many friends some are  younger some are older that doesn’t matter to me. My best friends is Uili. He is a samoan and a mormon. He is the coolest guy I’ve ever meet. Who’s your favourite friends? His favorite sports are rugby, softball, cricket and league. He is so sporty like me. He is in the same classroom as me and he is a prefect which takes care of the school and there are four boys and girls as prefects. they are all my friends.

I do wonder what what will be so fun this year? Please pray that I will find the right College for 2015. Thanks.