Monday, March 31, 2014

Empathy Collage Writing

Empathy Poster

Empathy is what we have been learning for the last seven weeks. We have made empathy posters to put on our wall. Miss Paget gave us about one day to find pictures and print them out on the printer. we got given pastel, and felts. I have a picture of a dog looking after a kitten under it’s ear. The reason is because that dog is making sure that the cat is okay.

Empathy is about the feeling’s of other and the connections with each other. You help them when they are sad and that means you are caring for that person. You must be thinking. Do you show Empathy? How do you show Empathy?

Miss Paget gave as many was to show Empathy . She made a Empathy poster as well. Put yourself in someone else shoe and wonder what a hard time there going through. That was one of her way of showing Empathy .You must have help them when you see them struggling with stuff. Put yourself in someone else shoe and make sure that they are alright.
Show Empathy!!!!

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