Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Being A HouseLeader

Ohhhhhhhhh yeah we’re the best our teams too cool, we've got the stuff to rock our school, go Tainui go, go, go, go Tainui. Sorry I’m practising my house chant’s as a house Leader. Me and Annliz got chosen to be the Tainui House Leaders for 2014.

I love that they have faith in both of us to lead proudly against Taki-Timu, Te Arawa, and Mataatua. Having to do three chants for our team is pretty hard but we got over it. Tainui Split,Tai Nui, Tai Nui, Tai Nui, Tai

My team normally comes third but this year I will lead them and make sure we win. So may you please wish me luck. I’ll tell you if we do or not. But we will win. GO TAINUI!!!!

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  1. Great Levi, I love that confidence! You were very energetic when your house shared their chant. Great leadership. Keep it up. Strive to Succeed!


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