Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Waka Ama Story

       Waka Ama

“Set them up!!!” I heard “Hoy!!!” again. I wonder what that sound is? Paddling, Steering. That is what Waka Ama is for. Do you know what Waka Ama is? I know the answer!!! The answer is Waka Ama is a summer sport where you paddle a canoe and it is good workout. Waka with a Ama is called Waka Ama. Other names for Ama is Outrigger, and Kiato and that is what keeps the Waka from tipping. In recent years, waka ama racing, introduced from Pasifika Nations into New Zealand during the 1980s and 1990s.

Feeling the wind so strong that it made me realise the challenge that seagulls face every day. It made me feel that I was apart of this bite of the sea. It was a challenge to get the Waka out to the sea. Do you know how it felt to carry the Waka to the sea? and how it feels like to be in one? It is very heavy to take to the sea at this weight, and it is hard to paddle but very cool to be in one. Do you know how much a Waka weighs? I don’t know because it has no information.

Wondering what place we might come so I look ahead and see that only one Waka is in front on us so we must be coming second and that is a good place for our first time doing Waka ama in a race. Do you know that at the start we were coming last and then we pulled our heads together and that is how we came second. My team was called “Ngati Tu Choice” Do you think that it is a great name?

I would just like to say a big thank you to Tamaki Outrigger, Aaron(Couch), Shannon(Manager), and to the Team for their effort, Team(Anthony, Frankie, Isara, Auri, Uili and Me Levi).


  1. AWESOME Blog son. I love the description and pictures but most of all I loved being there watching you compete. Keep up the great writing. Love DAD

  2. You guys did great - came from second to last at the beginning of the race to coming 2nd overall! Very gripping to watch.
    Cool to read what you think about Waka Ama.
    Love Mum

  3. Wow I loved this piece of writing Levi! Congratulations on your placing. Waka Ama is a great sport. I even took part a few years ago. Cool photos too. Well done Levi!


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