Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Future Aspiration.

Future, Future, Future I wonder what I will be in the future? Am I going to be an All Black to score tries or maybe a firemen to help people? I know a Rock Star!!! Nahh. What do you think you want to be but before you know it you should dream it. Dream and dream big, when you may never know that it might come true.

All these questions where going through my mind while I was listening to the Future Aspiration speakers who came to Point England on Thursday. There were five speakers on that day and they all had good futures and they also dreamed big dreams and carried on with their future ahead.

Mosa was a very young man who followed his dream and he gave out coins to who ever got the question right. He told us that his life was not good and he two bedrooms but 12 people in the house. He had to work hard and still dreamed his dream and it came true. His message was you follow your dream but catch it.   

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