Friday, October 28, 2011

Rocket Launch

Sweating and shaking with fear I straped the seatbelt around me so I will be safe. I had all the gear to go on this marvellous trip to mars. He finaly said "lifted-off into the sky.

I felt terrible because my body was screaming and I fell right back into my set. It was very loud because the engine had a lot of pressure to zoom into a different place. Things there were amazing. So many interesting things that were up in space. I have been once before to mars & this is my 2nd time.

Taking some pictures with my space photography camera, I whispered to my self "wow" I am lucky to go to mars for four weeks. Yes I have made it to mars again.

Rushing out with excitment I yelled from my heart "I love space."

Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Of The Photos That I like

Here are three photos that I like. Hopefully you like it.

This is the mighty Sea Eagles.

Then we have the talented Warriors.

And the last but not lest Iron Monkey in the movie of The Forbidden Kingdom and he in like a monkey.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Auckland Warriors

Meanga tatou ki te rekareka: Lets have some fun! Rugby league brings us together.

As the fighting Vodafone Warriors got prepped to challenge the mighty Manly Sea Eagles.
They played in Sydney, Australia on Sunday afternoon. Manu’s desire to win, as he dodged and sidestep down the side line to score our first try.

The Manly Sea Eagles were on match for the Warriors but the Manly Sea Eagles did not give up. Some of the Warriors got some tries & some of them had amazing skills to perform in front of the crowd. I was so proud that the Warriors went hard out to win this incredible match.

Before the game was over I had noticed that the Manly Sea Eagles had won. Kau mau te wehi Warriors! Maybe next time you will be holding that trophy!!!!