Monday, June 30, 2014

Term 2 Reflection!!!!

Term 2 Reflection

This term we learnt about sound. There were many things I did and learnt about Sound. What I did know is that sound travels in sound waves. Sound waves travel through the air it has an average velocity of 343 meters per second. What I learnt about sound is how we hear sound, and it travels through our Ear Canal and hits the Eardrum, then it makes the Hammer vibrate so it makes the Anvil vibrates and then the Stirrup vibrates and continues vibrating through the Cochlea and through the nerves and connects to the brain.

Every Thursday class 3 and 5 go to Technology at Tamaki College and I love it. I have just finished Food Tech were you bake, cook and I just think it is the bomb. We made Fried Rice, Cookies, and a whole lot more. Right now I’m in Graphics where we draw, sketch, design and it’s cool. We have three rotations in Technology it is Food Tech, Graphics, and last but not least Hard Materials. Hard Materials is my last rotation for 2014.

I like Maori because I’m in the Senior Kapa Haka and it is the bomb. Recently we went to a opening for a Dental Program. We also have Maori with our Maori teacher, and we are learning to count in Maori Recently I was at a marae performing and I wasn’t nervous at all. There was many waiata to learn, and I mastered them with some help. Every year the Senior Kapa Haka goes to that marae in Glen Innes.

Can’t wait to tell you how awesome this term has been.

Monday, June 16, 2014

How to make a Pan Flute!!!!!!

What I’ll need is eighteen straws, one roll of tape, one per of scissors, two felts and one vivid, and one ruler. Just what I need to create my Pan Flute. I get the first straw and place it down and leave it then I get another one and cut two or five centre
meters down from each other. I keep doing it until the ninth one.

Then I get the tape and leave a gap and then tape it and cut it with the scissors. I do that until I reach to the bottom. Then I get the vivid and felts and I do curls. I’ll do whatever design that I wont on the front and back.

So now I have nine straws left what do I do with them you think? I make another Pan Flute and tape the straws together. Then I have two Pan Flutes. I put them together and it is my one and only double Pan Flute.

So when my teacher ask me what have you made and have you copied anyone? I’ll say I have made an instrument and I didn't copy at all. Since it is a class thing that everyone had do. Hopefully no one copied me.

Have a great day and comment if you ever get to make your own Instrument.