Monday, June 16, 2014

How to make a Pan Flute!!!!!!

What I’ll need is eighteen straws, one roll of tape, one per of scissors, two felts and one vivid, and one ruler. Just what I need to create my Pan Flute. I get the first straw and place it down and leave it then I get another one and cut two or five centre
meters down from each other. I keep doing it until the ninth one.

Then I get the tape and leave a gap and then tape it and cut it with the scissors. I do that until I reach to the bottom. Then I get the vivid and felts and I do curls. I’ll do whatever design that I wont on the front and back.

So now I have nine straws left what do I do with them you think? I make another Pan Flute and tape the straws together. Then I have two Pan Flutes. I put them together and it is my one and only double Pan Flute.

So when my teacher ask me what have you made and have you copied anyone? I’ll say I have made an instrument and I didn't copy at all. Since it is a class thing that everyone had do. Hopefully no one copied me.

Have a great day and comment if you ever get to make your own Instrument.

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