Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Second Day Adventure

Ready and pumped up for the challenging adventure this afternoon. Leaving at 11.30am we were able to arrive at the mountain by 12pm, but on the other side of the mountain. The side that we were among was called Whakapapa, and it was snowing once we were getting our snowboarding gear on. The snowflakes were as tiny as salt, but if you were facing it without glasses, beanie or helmet, or even a scarf to protect you, it would give you a spiky feeling against your skin. By the way I was happy to see the snowflakes again, because last time I did we were heading back home from the mountain, and that was two years ago. 

The day had a great start. I was thrilled to see many people absent from the mountain because the weather was too rough for some, and also people were at school or work. We started by strapping ourselves in our snowboards and off we went. Seeing two young boys (Me & Jordan the second oldest) zooming down like Flash until we reached a certain spot were it was flat. You would have to wriggle yourself down until you start to zoom down again. Then zigging and zagging and reaching the chair-lift to head back up to the top. Do you know what a chair-lift is? The chair-lift is a seat that is attached to a wire and the wire goes from the bottom to the top, and there are poles that the wire is attached to. We use a chair-lift because we hop on once we have reached the bottom and it takes us on a little ride back to the top. If the chair-lift wasn't working you would have to walk up a very steep hill.

My other two youngest brothers (Noah & Toby) were getting taught by Mum and Dad (Shannon & Anthony), and man you see them grow every minute. They were being fantastic by listening every step of the way, and they are achieving Dad's goal which is going to the top of the mountain and coming down by themselves. There was falling, heading the wrong way and more falling from Noah and Toby. But I was so proud of them because they never gave up on snowboarding. Then after a while, they were incredible, and Jordan and I said to each other that "Noah and Toby will be even better then us." That would be so cool.

We have been having an amazing adventure but it doesn't stop there. Once we return back to the bach, we decided to go and buy some kebabs for dinner. They are my favourite kebabs in New Zealand because the chicken and the sauces are just fantastic. The sauce flavours that we had were Hummus, Sweet Chill, BBQ, and Garlic Mayo. Noah and Toby loved their kebabs so much, but they weren't able to finish it. They're quite filling.

Mmm hmm that was a delicious dinner after an awesome day.


  1. With each tale you tell, my jealousy grows and grows. Man I wish I could be on a skiing adventure! I will just have to settle for your fabulous story telling Levi.
    Thanks for sharing - bring me back some snow. :-) Please.

  2. Hello Levi this is a very good recount you have well detailed sentences. I can not wait to read more of your adventures when your older. Keep up the great work!!!


  3. What a legendary snow boarder you are - very understated in your recount! Being able to ride natural and switch... jumps, tricks, teaching your younger brothers and more - look forward to racing you down sometime!!!
    Love Mum

  4. Love the similes in your writing. They make it interesting to read. The kebabs sound delicious and would be nice after a busy day on the mountain.


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