Friday, August 1, 2014

PES vs Kings Rugby!!!!

PES vs  Kings
Dripping with sweat on this hot Wednesday afternoon, I was able to escape from my class to play against Kings School in rugby. Kings School had ordered a bus at their expense just for us. We were preparing to face a challenging team, that we have already lost twice to. But that was all about to change. We started to warm up for the challenge ahead, by stretching, passing the ball, and team drills. Then the Referee asked for the captain from both teams to do a coin toss, to see who would receive the ball and kick off. Our coach reminded us “You can beat these guys!!!”

The whistle had been blown so the game began. Pt England had to kick off, and we all chased it and worked hard to get the ball back. After about the first five minutes, Jabez scored our first try and we got our first conversion in. Then Kings drop kicked the ball and Auri caught it. He ran it up, but it was turned over by the powerful Kings forward pack. So we tackled them over and over again but they just kept coming at us and finally scored. “YEAH!!!” the Kings team shouted, but our coach Mazel told us “Boys it’s alright... it’s only the start... you're doing well”. A couple of minutes to go until half-time and the whole team was huffing and puffing. By the end of the first half the score was 14 all. Two of our player had got injured really badly so they couldn't play in the second half. Then the whistle blew and we went into a circle for our team huddle. My legs were quite sore, but my hope high.

The Referee told both teams to switch sides and Kings will be kicking off. So the second half had began and one of our forwards caught the drop kick on the full. He ran it up the guts and a ruck had been played. Our halfback got the ball out of the ruck and passed it to our first five then passed to our second five. Running down the field like a cheetah then sadly jabez got tackled. So then another ruck had been formed but then halfback passes it to first five and then our first five gets a try. All of PES team and supports for Taniela for getting a try. Then we waited for conversion to see if the scoreboard will change. Yes, we do get the conversion in and the score now is 26 for PES and 14 for Kings. But Kings came back at us and scored a try that should not have been given to them, but it was the Referee’s call and we can’t change that now. They missed their conversion. But one of our forwards did a move called PK (pick and go) and Esrah scored but just missed this conversion. At this point Kings were getting angry at themselves for not being able to keep their defence up but I think that they did really well. So they worked even harder to score at least one more try and they achieved that goal. Then it was last play and Kings kicked it out.

The Referee told us the final score was 29 PES - 26 Kings, but the Referee counted it wrong. The actual score was 26 PES - 24 Kings.


  1. Well done on a fantastically fabulous win! I am impressed.
    I am also hugely impressed with your writing. You are writing just like a real author and manage to keep my interest in each new piece you write. I can't believe that this is the same Levi from 2011!!!
    Keep writing Levi - you have a talent for storytelling!

  2. I know you worked hard on this piece of writing. I like how you gave context (because I wasn't there, and needed to know the background) and still kept it interesting to read. Keep up the proof-reading - it really makes your writing soar!
    Love Mum


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