Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Plant And Food Research

“Hello everyone I’m Laura, I’m Lara, and I’m Jacob and we work for Plant and Food Research” Said Laura, Lara, and Jacob. All three of them see if some fruits are sweet and what fruits aren’t. They came to Pt England School to tell us about their job and why they wanted to be a scientist.

After they introduced themselves they asked if anyone knew what a Acid is and Base, but no one knew. They had two scientist Glass Beakers which one of the Glass Beakers has Acid in it and the colour was purple. The other Glass Beaker has the base and the colour was dark green. They asked us “is the Acid is stronger than the Base?” I voted that the Acid is stronger so the Base will disappear. So I was right.

“Do you know what Dry Ice is?” said Laura. Some of us did others had a guess. Did you know that Dry Ice can burn you? It can so they had safety gloves to poor the Dry Ice into the Glass Breaker and in the Glass Beaker was water, and what does Ice do when it is in water? Dry Ice sinks to the bottom and out the top of the Glass Beaker was Carbon Dioxide.

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