Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ki O Rahi

Do you know what Ki O Rahi? How do you play it? Those are wonderful question and I’ll tell you. Ki O Rahi is a Maori sport and there are two teams. One team is called Taniwha and the other team is called Kioma. In both teams there are seven on the field/court. They had seven big cones and it is called a pou. There was a rubbish bin in the middle and it is called the tupu.

There was little cones about five steps away from the tupu and it was a boundary so you can’t run up to the tupu and hit it. Taniwha had to get the ball and through it and the tupu and there are only at least three defenders defending the tupu. Kioma would be defending the tupu from Taniwha from getting points.

Kioma had to touch as many pou as they could and they could pass it into the middle as many times as they could. But if Taniwha gets the ball then Kioma lost there pou points. Kioma can run into the middle and they can put the ball down and that is one point.

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  1. I heard you and your team played like real legends, the day you competed against other schools. What's even greater is that you exhibited great sportsmanship in a game you've just learned how to play!
    Well done son,
    Love Mum


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