Friday, October 17, 2014

My Avatar for class Panuba

My Avatar for class is Blu from the movie Rio for class Panuba. The resign I have chose Blu as my Avatar because he is Blue and we had to included our house colour and mine is blue. I know that I am at level three by managing myself really well. We have three levels and the first and second levels are that I can't manage myself so that I have to sit next to the teacher.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tangled Art Work

Tangled Art Work

If you like Tangled art you might want to listen up!! My class and I were told that we were going to make art. But This art was a Tangled sort of art and it looks cool. . The great thing about this art is that everyone has to participat. So this is an activity that everyone is included.

We had to think of the sort of designs and also all the sort of colours that we wanted to put on our art. So we skimmed and scanned for the right design and right colours. When I found the right design I wanted to put on my paper

So we got into the creating of the tangled art work and started to draw the designs. My patterns were Maori patterns and I made it awesome. The cool about it is that I loved creating it but the problem is that there’s still a little of people that still must finish. I had curvy, straight witch looks cool because there is more than one pattern. I was so creative I added so many patterns.

Once you have finished drawing it you’ll have to colour it in and make it look pretty. After all that arty work to finish it off we had to glue the pieces together. It is a really hard job to complete. Even a quarter of the class haven’t finished yet.

I was so glad I finished mine, and hopefully the rest have finished theirs and we can get on by finishing it.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Riverside Camp Highlights!!!!

Riverside Camp Day 2 Highlights!!!!

The next day was a fun day because we had the water games on and that was my highlight for day 2. My team and I played the first water game and the two leaders of our had to grab the rope and pull the campers. We had to hold to the rope and once the leaders reached the cone us campers had to let go of the rope. You must to bowl all six cone using your body. There was four rotations and they awesome. My favourite rotation was the human bowling.. We ended the water games by playing duck, duck, goose but we called it drip, drip, splash. We would’ve been picked running after the that tagged us if the person hit our head with the sponge. The aim of the game was to get everyone wet and have a lot of fun. I think that the water games was a memory making game. You should try something like the water games.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Riverside Camp Highlights

Riverside Camp Day 1 Highlights!!!!

The first week of the holidays I went to a camp at Willow Park Eastern Beach. My highlights for Riverside Camp was going to the beautiful beach and making sand sculptures based on World War One. There was a hat that had pieces of paper with writing on it. The paper said things like guns, and tanks that the men used in World War One. So we got onto it and dug and dug up so much sand to make our tank. My team and I struggled at make the top of the tank flat so I realized I was wearing jandals. I took them off and started to flatten out the top the tank and it worked. So when my team needed sand smoothing they came straight to me. So after sand smoothing we just needed to finish the tank off by putting the hole that the person comes in and out of the tank. Then it was finished and then we clapped each others hands but then we looked back at it and it was missing it’s guns. So we found a large stick and placed it in gently and it turned out awesome. We won out of the boys.