Monday, October 6, 2014

Riverside Camp Highlights

Riverside Camp Day 1 Highlights!!!!

The first week of the holidays I went to a camp at Willow Park Eastern Beach. My highlights for Riverside Camp was going to the beautiful beach and making sand sculptures based on World War One. There was a hat that had pieces of paper with writing on it. The paper said things like guns, and tanks that the men used in World War One. So we got onto it and dug and dug up so much sand to make our tank. My team and I struggled at make the top of the tank flat so I realized I was wearing jandals. I took them off and started to flatten out the top the tank and it worked. So when my team needed sand smoothing they came straight to me. So after sand smoothing we just needed to finish the tank off by putting the hole that the person comes in and out of the tank. Then it was finished and then we clapped each others hands but then we looked back at it and it was missing it’s guns. So we found a large stick and placed it in gently and it turned out awesome. We won out of the boys.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time on camp. How many were in your team? Who sat in the tank, was it you? I hope someone got pictures. It would have been a sight seeing all those sculptures on the shore.

  2. I love your ingenuity Levi. Jandals solve most of the problems in the world!

    I thought you would enjoy this.... When I typed the sentence above, autocorrect changed my sentence to say, "mandolins solve most of the problems in the world!". I couldn't quite visualise that. ....


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