Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Riverside Camp Highlights!!!!

Riverside Camp Day 2 Highlights!!!!

The next day was a fun day because we had the water games on and that was my highlight for day 2. My team and I played the first water game and the two leaders of our had to grab the rope and pull the campers. We had to hold to the rope and once the leaders reached the cone us campers had to let go of the rope. You must to bowl all six cone using your body. There was four rotations and they awesome. My favourite rotation was the human bowling.. We ended the water games by playing duck, duck, goose but we called it drip, drip, splash. We would’ve been picked running after the that tagged us if the person hit our head with the sponge. The aim of the game was to get everyone wet and have a lot of fun. I think that the water games was a memory making game. You should try something like the water games.

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  1. Another fun day on camp. Sounds like you all got wet.


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