Friday, October 17, 2014

My Avatar for class Panuba

My Avatar for class is Blu from the movie Rio for class Panuba. The resign I have chose Blu as my Avatar because he is Blue and we had to included our house colour and mine is blue. I know that I am at level three by managing myself really well. We have three levels and the first and second levels are that I can't manage myself so that I have to sit next to the teacher.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tangled Art Work

Tangled Art Work

If you like Tangled art you might want to listen up!! My class and I were told that we were going to make art. But This art was a Tangled sort of art and it looks cool. . The great thing about this art is that everyone has to participat. So this is an activity that everyone is included.

We had to think of the sort of designs and also all the sort of colours that we wanted to put on our art. So we skimmed and scanned for the right design and right colours. When I found the right design I wanted to put on my paper

So we got into the creating of the tangled art work and started to draw the designs. My patterns were Maori patterns and I made it awesome. The cool about it is that I loved creating it but the problem is that there’s still a little of people that still must finish. I had curvy, straight witch looks cool because there is more than one pattern. I was so creative I added so many patterns.

Once you have finished drawing it you’ll have to colour it in and make it look pretty. After all that arty work to finish it off we had to glue the pieces together. It is a really hard job to complete. Even a quarter of the class haven’t finished yet.

I was so glad I finished mine, and hopefully the rest have finished theirs and we can get on by finishing it.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Riverside Camp Highlights!!!!

Riverside Camp Day 2 Highlights!!!!

The next day was a fun day because we had the water games on and that was my highlight for day 2. My team and I played the first water game and the two leaders of our had to grab the rope and pull the campers. We had to hold to the rope and once the leaders reached the cone us campers had to let go of the rope. You must to bowl all six cone using your body. There was four rotations and they awesome. My favourite rotation was the human bowling.. We ended the water games by playing duck, duck, goose but we called it drip, drip, splash. We would’ve been picked running after the that tagged us if the person hit our head with the sponge. The aim of the game was to get everyone wet and have a lot of fun. I think that the water games was a memory making game. You should try something like the water games.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Riverside Camp Highlights

Riverside Camp Day 1 Highlights!!!!

The first week of the holidays I went to a camp at Willow Park Eastern Beach. My highlights for Riverside Camp was going to the beautiful beach and making sand sculptures based on World War One. There was a hat that had pieces of paper with writing on it. The paper said things like guns, and tanks that the men used in World War One. So we got onto it and dug and dug up so much sand to make our tank. My team and I struggled at make the top of the tank flat so I realized I was wearing jandals. I took them off and started to flatten out the top the tank and it worked. So when my team needed sand smoothing they came straight to me. So after sand smoothing we just needed to finish the tank off by putting the hole that the person comes in and out of the tank. Then it was finished and then we clapped each others hands but then we looked back at it and it was missing it’s guns. So we found a large stick and placed it in gently and it turned out awesome. We won out of the boys.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Second Day Adventure

Ready and pumped up for the challenging adventure this afternoon. Leaving at 11.30am we were able to arrive at the mountain by 12pm, but on the other side of the mountain. The side that we were among was called Whakapapa, and it was snowing once we were getting our snowboarding gear on. The snowflakes were as tiny as salt, but if you were facing it without glasses, beanie or helmet, or even a scarf to protect you, it would give you a spiky feeling against your skin. By the way I was happy to see the snowflakes again, because last time I did we were heading back home from the mountain, and that was two years ago. 

The day had a great start. I was thrilled to see many people absent from the mountain because the weather was too rough for some, and also people were at school or work. We started by strapping ourselves in our snowboards and off we went. Seeing two young boys (Me & Jordan the second oldest) zooming down like Flash until we reached a certain spot were it was flat. You would have to wriggle yourself down until you start to zoom down again. Then zigging and zagging and reaching the chair-lift to head back up to the top. Do you know what a chair-lift is? The chair-lift is a seat that is attached to a wire and the wire goes from the bottom to the top, and there are poles that the wire is attached to. We use a chair-lift because we hop on once we have reached the bottom and it takes us on a little ride back to the top. If the chair-lift wasn't working you would have to walk up a very steep hill.

My other two youngest brothers (Noah & Toby) were getting taught by Mum and Dad (Shannon & Anthony), and man you see them grow every minute. They were being fantastic by listening every step of the way, and they are achieving Dad's goal which is going to the top of the mountain and coming down by themselves. There was falling, heading the wrong way and more falling from Noah and Toby. But I was so proud of them because they never gave up on snowboarding. Then after a while, they were incredible, and Jordan and I said to each other that "Noah and Toby will be even better then us." That would be so cool.

We have been having an amazing adventure but it doesn't stop there. Once we return back to the bach, we decided to go and buy some kebabs for dinner. They are my favourite kebabs in New Zealand because the chicken and the sauces are just fantastic. The sauce flavours that we had were Hummus, Sweet Chill, BBQ, and Garlic Mayo. Noah and Toby loved their kebabs so much, but they weren't able to finish it. They're quite filling.

Mmm hmm that was a delicious dinner after an awesome day.

Monday, August 11, 2014

First day Adventure 10.08.14

First day Adventure

Freezing cold on Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm ready for a awesome adventure. Mt. Ruapehu is a very big mountain that is covered in snow that many people ride down on their snowboard/skis. Me and my family are all snowboarders and this is our third time at Mt.Ruapehu. There a four kids and two adults. We all love snowboarding and enjoy it. The youngest two haven't been to Mt.Ruapehu before in their lives. We do amazing things together as a family, and mum and dad decided to come back and take us snowboarding for a whole week.  

All the gear for a snowboarder includes a warm jacket, snowboard boots, helmet or beanie, snow pants, snow gloves, snow goggles, and thermals (top and pants). You will need all this gear to survive on the mountain, otherwise you will might end up in an ice cube, just jokes!!!! That has never happened to me yet, but my snow pants DO freeze, when I sit down a lot. The skills of snowboarding included turning (180/360), jumping, stopping, and staying on your board. 

There where a couple of fails with all us kids that day. Me and the second oldest brother were just getting used to the snow again. It had been two years since we have been on the mountain. We tried and tried but we kept falling down until I took it nice and slowly down the hill. From then onwards, I didn't fall down again that day. I felt as happy as can be.

My favourite thing about that afternoon was seeing my two youngest brother's snowboarding down the mountain, and having so much fun. It took them a while to snowboard but know they're awesome and amazing at it and still learning more. My dad's goal is for both of them to go to the top of the mountain and them coming down. Lets find out later if that goal has been achieved. 

I'll get back to you and give you the news in my next blog about snowboarding!

Friday, August 1, 2014

PES vs Kings Rugby!!!!

PES vs  Kings
Dripping with sweat on this hot Wednesday afternoon, I was able to escape from my class to play against Kings School in rugby. Kings School had ordered a bus at their expense just for us. We were preparing to face a challenging team, that we have already lost twice to. But that was all about to change. We started to warm up for the challenge ahead, by stretching, passing the ball, and team drills. Then the Referee asked for the captain from both teams to do a coin toss, to see who would receive the ball and kick off. Our coach reminded us “You can beat these guys!!!”

The whistle had been blown so the game began. Pt England had to kick off, and we all chased it and worked hard to get the ball back. After about the first five minutes, Jabez scored our first try and we got our first conversion in. Then Kings drop kicked the ball and Auri caught it. He ran it up, but it was turned over by the powerful Kings forward pack. So we tackled them over and over again but they just kept coming at us and finally scored. “YEAH!!!” the Kings team shouted, but our coach Mazel told us “Boys it’s alright... it’s only the start... you're doing well”. A couple of minutes to go until half-time and the whole team was huffing and puffing. By the end of the first half the score was 14 all. Two of our player had got injured really badly so they couldn't play in the second half. Then the whistle blew and we went into a circle for our team huddle. My legs were quite sore, but my hope high.

The Referee told both teams to switch sides and Kings will be kicking off. So the second half had began and one of our forwards caught the drop kick on the full. He ran it up the guts and a ruck had been played. Our halfback got the ball out of the ruck and passed it to our first five then passed to our second five. Running down the field like a cheetah then sadly jabez got tackled. So then another ruck had been formed but then halfback passes it to first five and then our first five gets a try. All of PES team and supports for Taniela for getting a try. Then we waited for conversion to see if the scoreboard will change. Yes, we do get the conversion in and the score now is 26 for PES and 14 for Kings. But Kings came back at us and scored a try that should not have been given to them, but it was the Referee’s call and we can’t change that now. They missed their conversion. But one of our forwards did a move called PK (pick and go) and Esrah scored but just missed this conversion. At this point Kings were getting angry at themselves for not being able to keep their defence up but I think that they did really well. So they worked even harder to score at least one more try and they achieved that goal. Then it was last play and Kings kicked it out.

The Referee told us the final score was 29 PES - 26 Kings, but the Referee counted it wrong. The actual score was 26 PES - 24 Kings.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Plant And Food Research

“Hello everyone I’m Laura, I’m Lara, and I’m Jacob and we work for Plant and Food Research” Said Laura, Lara, and Jacob. All three of them see if some fruits are sweet and what fruits aren’t. They came to Pt England School to tell us about their job and why they wanted to be a scientist.

After they introduced themselves they asked if anyone knew what a Acid is and Base, but no one knew. They had two scientist Glass Beakers which one of the Glass Beakers has Acid in it and the colour was purple. The other Glass Beaker has the base and the colour was dark green. They asked us “is the Acid is stronger than the Base?” I voted that the Acid is stronger so the Base will disappear. So I was right.

“Do you know what Dry Ice is?” said Laura. Some of us did others had a guess. Did you know that Dry Ice can burn you? It can so they had safety gloves to poor the Dry Ice into the Glass Breaker and in the Glass Beaker was water, and what does Ice do when it is in water? Dry Ice sinks to the bottom and out the top of the Glass Beaker was Carbon Dioxide.

Ki O Rahi

Do you know what Ki O Rahi? How do you play it? Those are wonderful question and I’ll tell you. Ki O Rahi is a Maori sport and there are two teams. One team is called Taniwha and the other team is called Kioma. In both teams there are seven on the field/court. They had seven big cones and it is called a pou. There was a rubbish bin in the middle and it is called the tupu.

There was little cones about five steps away from the tupu and it was a boundary so you can’t run up to the tupu and hit it. Taniwha had to get the ball and through it and the tupu and there are only at least three defenders defending the tupu. Kioma would be defending the tupu from Taniwha from getting points.

Kioma had to touch as many pou as they could and they could pass it into the middle as many times as they could. But if Taniwha gets the ball then Kioma lost there pou points. Kioma can run into the middle and they can put the ball down and that is one point.

Getting Braces

Getting Braces

First day back to Pt England School in term 3 ready to learn much more. Heading to the hall to start Immersion assembly and started the day. Ms Tito comes out from one side of the stage to get on her triathlon bike that she uses in the triathlon. While she was peddling in the same spot Mr Jacobson came down the aisle on his Mountain bike.

While watching everything that is going on in assembly, my fabulous mother came to pick me up from school. Jumping into the car to go somewhere, I ask my mum “Where we are going?” My Mum replied “remember where going to your Orthodontist appointment!!!.”  Arriving to the Orthodontist with nerves shaking through me just because I'm getting Braces. I won’t be at school for an hour and a half at least.

Pressing the number three on the elevator to go to the highest floor in the building. Keeping in mind, that I'm going to have two appointments. The first appointment is getting my teeth to be as white as snow. The reason that your teeth have to be so white is so that the Braces can stick to them. It was at least 30 minutes or more and I had to open my mouth as far as I could open it for. I had to leave it open for 45 minutes and my mouth was sore.

Then after 10 minutes it was time for everything to change. So, I had to choose two colours for my Braces, I choose orange and yellow. Next, I had to have two people put my Braces. One person was getting the tools and handing it over to the other person, the other person was doing all of this crazy stuff with crazy tools.  But.  I couldn't see what I was going on. Finally they had finished but when they did I took the glasses off, and couldn't see where I was going.

Hopefully no one laughs at me.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Skatepark!!!!

Zigging and zagging through the difficult Skatepark going around the fierce turns and jumps. Shaking with nerves up and down my spine ready to go down a steep ramp. Pushing very gently to go down the scary ramp. Speeding down like a jet in full speed trying to control the speed in a speedy Skatepark.

My precious family and I got used to the skatepark because we went there three days in a row. There were plenty of others who also came to master their skills. Me and my family were having the time of our lives. While having the time of our lives we were skating the long turns which were as easy as cake. The jumps were about 2 meters high and I nailed it.

That tells you that if you keep your mind to it you can accomplish anything. An example if you wanted to get a try in rugby then you have to keep it in your mind and then the magic happens. At the end you would have scored many tries. There are many things that can be accomplished but only if you keep your mind to whatever it is.

Skating is a skill and it is pretty hard but in my family we say “I will or I won't” instead of “I can’t.” That means give it a go. If you come across a Skatepark then give it a go and have fun. I look forward to see you doing your tricks on a skateboard.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Term 2 Reflection!!!!

Term 2 Reflection

This term we learnt about sound. There were many things I did and learnt about Sound. What I did know is that sound travels in sound waves. Sound waves travel through the air it has an average velocity of 343 meters per second. What I learnt about sound is how we hear sound, and it travels through our Ear Canal and hits the Eardrum, then it makes the Hammer vibrate so it makes the Anvil vibrates and then the Stirrup vibrates and continues vibrating through the Cochlea and through the nerves and connects to the brain.

Every Thursday class 3 and 5 go to Technology at Tamaki College and I love it. I have just finished Food Tech were you bake, cook and I just think it is the bomb. We made Fried Rice, Cookies, and a whole lot more. Right now I’m in Graphics where we draw, sketch, design and it’s cool. We have three rotations in Technology it is Food Tech, Graphics, and last but not least Hard Materials. Hard Materials is my last rotation for 2014.

I like Maori because I’m in the Senior Kapa Haka and it is the bomb. Recently we went to a opening for a Dental Program. We also have Maori with our Maori teacher, and we are learning to count in Maori Recently I was at a marae performing and I wasn’t nervous at all. There was many waiata to learn, and I mastered them with some help. Every year the Senior Kapa Haka goes to that marae in Glen Innes.

Can’t wait to tell you how awesome this term has been.

Monday, June 16, 2014

How to make a Pan Flute!!!!!!

What I’ll need is eighteen straws, one roll of tape, one per of scissors, two felts and one vivid, and one ruler. Just what I need to create my Pan Flute. I get the first straw and place it down and leave it then I get another one and cut two or five centre
meters down from each other. I keep doing it until the ninth one.

Then I get the tape and leave a gap and then tape it and cut it with the scissors. I do that until I reach to the bottom. Then I get the vivid and felts and I do curls. I’ll do whatever design that I wont on the front and back.

So now I have nine straws left what do I do with them you think? I make another Pan Flute and tape the straws together. Then I have two Pan Flutes. I put them together and it is my one and only double Pan Flute.

So when my teacher ask me what have you made and have you copied anyone? I’ll say I have made an instrument and I didn't copy at all. Since it is a class thing that everyone had do. Hopefully no one copied me.

Have a great day and comment if you ever get to make your own Instrument.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Science Road Show!!!!!!!

This very exciting thing happened to class five, and two from Pt England School. We went to Tamaki College to see the Science Road Show and man something's were awesome and some weren't. An hour and a half is how long we would be there for. By the way a whole lot of other Point England students said that some of the things they do are loud, awesome, yuck and creative.

Have you ever been to a Science Road Show before? I havn’t. I just couldn't wait to see their creative things that they had made. So sitting down in front of the speakers who tells you what they are going to do and things they will do. There was three people in the Science Road Show and they got me interested.

First there was some experiment’s they did in front of us. Also there were some things that they set up for us and they looked incredible. Then everyone got into and had a great time with their experiment’s and my all time favourite was where there was three mirrors and it looked like there was twenty mirrors and a lot of me’s.

Then the last experiment they did was with balloons. They put it on fire and we had to cover our ears. POP!!!!!!!! Man that is loud but that was just the first balloon out of two. The last one was so loud you could hear it even when you cover your ears. You could feel the heat bursting onto you.

I learn't that plants are kind of like us but they grow using heat, water, and carbon dioxide to breath. It is pretty much the same why we grow.

They said that it was the end of the Science Road Show and they’ll be at Motat.

Friday, May 16, 2014

What I learn't about sound

There is a game that we play because this term we are learning about Sound. There is a string that you can pick and you have to match the sound waves to be the same. It is very easy but also makes you know what the sound waves match our don’t. It is a very good game for sound.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sound Writing

There is a Science Investigation game that we played and I learn’t that the wider the drum the lower the sound will be. I had some questions to answer like witch drum makes a low sound and witch drum makes a high sound? The answer was that the smaller the drum the higher the sound will be. There are sound waves right now in the air but we can’t see them we hear them.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Goals For 2014

This year I have a goal to achieve for this year? Also to be a great House Captain for Tainui. I have another goal and it is that I make it into Sacred Heart for my College. If you can pray that I will make it into Sacred Heart College then that would be fantastic. Another Goal for me is that I will finish all my work on time. I also have to be able to get better at rugby.

I believe that I can to it!!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

First Badminton Lesson

What starts with Bat and ends with ton? Badminton and class five (Rm19) went into the hall to learn how to play Badminton. First we played stuck in the mud and there were three taggers chasing us around the hall. But no one tagged me. I'm just too fast for them don’t you think.

The first  thing we learn’t was backhand and forehand. We got a badminton bat and a shuttle and we hit the shuttle up in the sky. We had to see how many hits we could keep the shuttle up in the air. I hit the shuttle up in the air and I hit it 30 times.

Then we started to learn how to hit it up and down with our backhand and I hit it up 31 times. After my arms were sore from hitting it for so long. Once we got use to it class five had a challenge. It was a challenge were two people had to hit the shuttle back and forth and it was funny and cool.

If you ever get to play Badminton you should play it because it is really fun.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Timezone In Auckland

Dripping sweating, huffing and puffing because the holidays was so hot but it was awesome. One of the cool things we did was go to Timezone in Auckland at night was cool because we had a great deal with the lady who is at the counter. She said ‘‘that we could go on all of the green card swipers for two hours and use ten dollars on the yellow ones’’.
That is when we got our cards and head off to the games and my first one was a shooting game. You had to shoot the deer (male) and not a doe (female). What happens if you shoot a doe you don’t get any points. That's when I learn’t my lesson never shoot a doe.

Then I went to the Bball game (Basket Ball) game where you have to try and get as much hoops as you can. It was hard because it started to move side to side. But I'm to good so I missed about 14 and man I beat my dad.

After two hours it was fun to end the night but then we went to BK (Burger King). We got fries, hamburger, and to finish it off with a delicious Sundae with ozzing caramel. Whenever you get the chance in the weekends our in the next holidays. You have to go to Timezone.

See at Timezone if not keep reading my blog posts and I might have gone again.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Toby (little brother) tying his shoelace

Did you know my little brother Toby can tie his shoelace? He loves tying his own shoes that he ask others if he can tie theirs. There's two ways that I know how to tie a shoelace and they are the bunny ears, and the guns. The Bunny ears was the first way Toby learn’t but he found it difficult until Dad told Jordan (the second oldest) to teach him the guns.

The guns were so much easier then the bunny ears. He even showed us over, and over again and we were thrilled. I could not believe that he was six and he learn’t it so fast. It took me quite about 30 minutes. To see my little brother have so much joy on his face made me the happiest person ever.

The family made a song for that one person in the Samuels family to never give up. It goes like this. Give it a go, give it a go learn grow and have a lot of fun x2. So whenever Toby, Noah, Jordan or me are giving up on things i’ll always say, Give it a go, give it a go learn grow and have a lot of fun.

Hopefully when someone in your family is giving up easily just sing the song.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Burnt Scout Hall

One night a very sad thing happened. It was the Scout Hall two streets away from my house. It was funny that night because two out of four brothers (Jordan & Noah) were playing fake farts. Jordan did a fake fart and the fire engine went past right away with the siren on after his fake fart. The Scout Hall burnt down and we didn't notice until the next morning.

That morning everyone except dad went for a walk past the Burnt Scout Hall. I got to meet a woman who was a fire investigator and she said I've been up all morning. Then we asked a man what is his job was. He was a police photographer. He take more photos than the fire investigator.

There is nothing left inside and the stairs are burnt hard core. I go pass it quite a lot a grateful that know one was in it that we now. It is so sad that some people were the leaders there were disappointed. Hopefully they take it down and rebuild another one.

What do you think that they should do.

Immersion Assembly term 2

Good morning, good morning, good morning and welcome back to Pt England School. ‘‘I'm Mr Burt and I'm the the balloon man’’ Mr Burt said. We had heaps and heaps of balloons ducked taped to the stage and walkway. It was cool because I helped set it all up.

We had a stuffed New York Taxi and  we had 16 balloons around it and a launching string. Which was just string taped to the stage. I had the honour to launch it up in the air and then got stuck. Mr Burt had the stuffed car from 1980 I think and had it until now.

Started at team 1 and they are learning about the Zoo equipment and how they keep the animals safe and us. Team 2 is learning about flight. Team 3 are learning about Colours and team 4 are learning about what floats on water and us team 5 are learning about sounds.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Drums Writing

Drums is the only instrument I so far can play. I'm pretty good at it. Some people say that I'm great at it. I agree with everyone’s comment and I appreciate that they are saying wonderful thing to me.

I play the drums at school even and also church. It's great drumming to the Lord All Mighty(Jesus). The drum cymbals are High Hat, kick drum, tom 1, tom 2, low tom, crash, and ride. You can put all of the cymbals together and make a awesome beat.

My teacher was my dad and I can remember my first time playing the drums at church. It was in 2011 and I've been playing drums ever since. If you ever get your hands on a drum kit give it a go a be an awesome drummer like me.

My dad told me when times were hard playing the drums he always said ‘‘practice, practice makes perfect’’.

Friday, April 25, 2014

E-Camp Writing

E-camp can’t fly, E-camp can’t buy, but with Jesus they don’t cry.

Easter is all about what Jesus did for all of us. Not about chocolate eggs, and bunnies. It really means that Jesus died to save our sins and come back to life. This year I went to a camp called E-Camp at Finlay Park and the theme is One In A Million.

My Favourite things was the pool, making friends, wild games, relaxing, eating, canteen, worship, and our speaker. Those were my best things to do. If I had one chose between all of my favourite things would be the worship. My absolute best song we sang was Your Love Never Fails.

While we were in the pool I had a lot of fun chucking sponges at the people that were running on a inflatable ruler in the pool. It was so much fun in the pool but the problem is that once you get in the freezing water you wish you were out. But after a while you will get use to it.

If you would ever like to go to E-Camp it is for year 7-9 see you there hopefully.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Empathy Movie

Each class in team five had to make an Empathy movie.
Have a great day and tell me if you like it. Hope you enjoy.

Fiafia Night!!!!

Has anyone told you that if you practice, practice then you will be perfect? That’s right because very soon it's Fiafia. Do not know what Fiafia means? It means celebration, get-together, and being happy. This year in term 1 for Fiafia, I am in Senior Hip Hop. I love dancing so that's why I chose Hip Hop.

I felt shy before it was our turn for Fiafia. I also was excited because it was the day. I was a Minion when the song Happy was playing. I thought that our performance was awesome and funny. All of Pt England students made all the parents happy.

There were many moves that needed to be learnt, but at the end we were amazing and looked awesome. It felt cool and fun to be in this particular group, because I choreographed with two of my friends this dance. Amazed that some people said that we should of been the last group to end it off and make everyone laugh. I found that being a Minion was fantastic. Also the other Minion next to me was another friend who was the short one and couldn't fit the costume.

On the way to school (where we had Fiafia) there was heaps and heaps of food to buy but my family sold Candy Floss. It was the first time ever anyone had sold Candy Floss. All the things to choose from was awesome and what I picked was the best chose to have dinner there.

Farewell, see you later and good night.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cellulitis Attacked Me!!!!!

Do you know what Cellulitis is? Cellulitis is a noun. Cellulitis is a spreading bacterial infection just below the skin surface. It is most commonly caused by Streptococcus pyogenes or Staphylococcus aureus. I have it today and the infection is pretty bad. The good news is that I don’t need to go to the hospital. The bad news is that it can get worse very quickly. Cell-u-li-tis is how you pronounce it and any word that ends with ‘itis’ means inflammation. Inflammation means swelling. Cellulitis most often occurs on the face, neck, and legs. The red, painful region grows bigger as the infection and resulting tissue damage spread. I’ve researched cellulitis and it says that you can even get it in your eye and boy that must be painful.

In my case it’s started on my left wrist and the infection tracks went up my forearm and just above my elbow. The pain is travelling up my arm and can be very serious. As the nurse put the pin through my skin to make sure the wound was cleaned, you could see all of the yucky, gooey pus. My body’s reaction to damage is inflammation which is characterized by pain, redness, heat, and swelling. If not treated quickly then I’ll probably end up in hospital. That won’t be fun. Have you ever had it before? If I had to tell you how sore it is out of one to ten it would be a seven or more. It started on Tuesday but I didn’t get Cellulitis until Friday the eleventh of April 2014. The doctor gave me a antibiotic pills to take for seven days but three each day.

Watch out before the Cellulitis attacks you!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Empathy Collage Writing

Empathy Poster

Empathy is what we have been learning for the last seven weeks. We have made empathy posters to put on our wall. Miss Paget gave us about one day to find pictures and print them out on the printer. we got given pastel, and felts. I have a picture of a dog looking after a kitten under it’s ear. The reason is because that dog is making sure that the cat is okay.

Empathy is about the feeling’s of other and the connections with each other. You help them when they are sad and that means you are caring for that person. You must be thinking. Do you show Empathy? How do you show Empathy?

Miss Paget gave as many was to show Empathy . She made a Empathy poster as well. Put yourself in someone else shoe and wonder what a hard time there going through. That was one of her way of showing Empathy .You must have help them when you see them struggling with stuff. Put yourself in someone else shoe and make sure that they are alright.
Show Empathy!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

DLO Maths Week 7

I am learning to use multiplication and division to solve 'Part Unknown' problems ( without diagrams ). We had problems to solve like 

4/9 of 27= 12 
27 divided by 9=3

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Hobbies

This a paragraph of some of my hobbies!!!
Hope you like them.
My hobbies are Reading, writing, and maths. Rugby is one of them as well, but I have main things for school. I love the hobbies that I have today, and forever. There is more hobbies that I like most is all sports. What is your hobbies? I've been a leader, for House groups like Tainui, and also been a leader, for dancing. Also Riverside witch year 8s help our principal with activity’s like dodge-ball.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Being A HouseLeader

Ohhhhhhhhh yeah we’re the best our teams too cool, we've got the stuff to rock our school, go Tainui go, go, go, go Tainui. Sorry I’m practising my house chant’s as a house Leader. Me and Annliz got chosen to be the Tainui House Leaders for 2014.

I love that they have faith in both of us to lead proudly against Taki-Timu, Te Arawa, and Mataatua. Having to do three chants for our team is pretty hard but we got over it. Tainui Split,Tai Nui, Tai Nui, Tai Nui, Tai

My team normally comes third but this year I will lead them and make sure we win. So may you please wish me luck. I’ll tell you if we do or not. But we will win. GO TAINUI!!!!