Monday, April 28, 2014

Drums Writing

Drums is the only instrument I so far can play. I'm pretty good at it. Some people say that I'm great at it. I agree with everyone’s comment and I appreciate that they are saying wonderful thing to me.

I play the drums at school even and also church. It's great drumming to the Lord All Mighty(Jesus). The drum cymbals are High Hat, kick drum, tom 1, tom 2, low tom, crash, and ride. You can put all of the cymbals together and make a awesome beat.

My teacher was my dad and I can remember my first time playing the drums at church. It was in 2011 and I've been playing drums ever since. If you ever get your hands on a drum kit give it a go a be an awesome drummer like me.

My dad told me when times were hard playing the drums he always said ‘‘practice, practice makes perfect’’.

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  1. You're drumming is getting better and better! I love how you mix it up and try lots of different beats and styles!
    Mean Maori Mean!
    Love Mum


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