Friday, April 25, 2014

E-Camp Writing

E-camp can’t fly, E-camp can’t buy, but with Jesus they don’t cry.

Easter is all about what Jesus did for all of us. Not about chocolate eggs, and bunnies. It really means that Jesus died to save our sins and come back to life. This year I went to a camp called E-Camp at Finlay Park and the theme is One In A Million.

My Favourite things was the pool, making friends, wild games, relaxing, eating, canteen, worship, and our speaker. Those were my best things to do. If I had one chose between all of my favourite things would be the worship. My absolute best song we sang was Your Love Never Fails.

While we were in the pool I had a lot of fun chucking sponges at the people that were running on a inflatable ruler in the pool. It was so much fun in the pool but the problem is that once you get in the freezing water you wish you were out. But after a while you will get use to it.

If you would ever like to go to E-Camp it is for year 7-9 see you there hopefully.

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  1. Glad you had heaps of fun @ E Camp - it seems like an awesome event.
    Better start saving now for next year's fun:) Love mum


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