Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adventure Time Dance Off

Check this out. My Adventure Time Dance Off.

Funniest Camp Moment

The funniest thing happened at Camp Bentzon I optimus number 12 got chosen to be sailed by a  girl who had the meanest looks I think her name was Giselle she was too amazing for her age.

She pushed and shoved just to be in my optimus I felt real special until they pulled me into the water. I felt as if this really great looking stranger would use me well and had confidence but I was really really...WRONG!
I thought she was confident but she was moaning and groaning to not go in the water my excitement went from a hundred percent to well below than zero.

But she was not allowed to stay because everyone had to participate in this event. I'm sure your thinking the same thing "What's up with humans" am I right? am I right? Of course I am also I am the most beautiful sail if you know what I mean. But as soon as we hopped into the water she freaked out and the water was three inches high.
At that moment I just didn't want her to be in my boat.

Christmas Holidays

“Yay school is finishing for six weeks shouts the Boys”. Well only one and a half week left of school. “You know what I am going to for the long holidays? I am just sleeping and sleeping and sleeping ” says Jabez. “Me too” said Uili! "for six weeks!"
" Really?" I said.

I just can't wait till school finishes because so many other things are  coming like Christmas, Like when we eat my Mum's chocolate strawberries! Actually it will be fun but also we would miss this year with my friends!


Hmmm today I am going to show you a picture about the fireworks. I am going to show you how my guy walks and puts it in his yard and put the firework down.  And It is in the sky and it looks so cool a cool.
I hope you like my picture about the fireworks. From Levi,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

It has been a fabulous year with a netbook and has changed the way that I learn. Also it has been a challenging time for me because the internet can sometimes be slow. I’m looking forward to next year.

I like to be creative and I like to record other people’s digital objects, writing, reading and drawing. I love making up drawings on Tux-Paint. Tux-Paint is a learning tool that helps us draw on these mini laptops. It is very interesting what you learn and all about it.

I would like if we had a netbook cover to put on it. This would help to make sure your battery doesn’t slip out and protect the screen. I would love it if the wireless wasn’t too slow for next year. This slows down my learning and creativity.

Thank you Mrs and Mr Burt and Asus for these netbooks. You have made my year much learning better.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chicken Twins

Well you know what was funny at school while everyone was at camp? Well if you don't know this is what my story is going to be about.

The funniest thing was that we all were searching up thing that would be funny and someone found a photo of this guy with Mohawk and as you know that chickens have them too. Also it was the same colour orange! So then the tittle was called twins?

"That is cool" said a girl. But it actually is kind a funny. But we seriously loved it so we started to write about it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Sad Day

Walking down the road I saw smoke rising in the fresh air that will no longer be fresh but ha I can’t solve that can I know. Guess what it was the dairy on fire and that was one of the places where you could get lollies and fizzy so I saw people dashing out to save the lives then suddenly it all calabed and I felt sad for the people who lived there. They were crying and yelling and more crying and yelling!!!!!!!!!

I heard sirens that were very loud, I think it’s the Fire Engine with ten strong men like me of course. They turned on the Fire Hose and all you could see was a large amount of  water shooting out and it looked awesome. Then it hit me that I would love to be a Fire person and just imagine all the adventurers will have.

Hot Wheels

Check this out for your self and you will like it.

Friday, November 9, 2012


One day I was doing free time then I found a website could and then suddenly something weird happened. Something weird happened some kind of ugly monster at our school. But It was not just some kind of monster it is a alien. oh no what happened! 

The alien looked ugly but it was harmless. it was so nice. But it could not speak. Later on it looked very hungry. So we tried to feed it Mc Donald's but he would not eat it. 

Finally we found out what to feed him he wanted worms for lunch. Then we played rugby with him. It was hard because he kept on bumping off each other.


Today at assembly we were talking about how we are doing very great with our work. Because lately we have had visitors come to our school. And this wednesday we won an award for maniakalani and Neven went to wellington on behalf of our school.

I was very happy when we found out about the good news. I like assembly because you get awards from our principal Mr Burt.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Two Soldiers Crossing the road

2 Soldiers go out for a walk...

Well there was 2 solders out for a walk doing there thing one was name Bob and one was Caddy. In the middle of a war playing hand games until a huge cat they thought they had saw and. So they ran about 5 steps away from and huge cat. But when they herd a little cat sounds they run back it didn't take long. But when they got closer they saw a huge cat shadow and Caddy stay and Bob ran. The huge cat went closer and then they saw it was a cute small cat.

It belong to a old man they know they luck Bob ran because He don't like any cats. He things they are alien that came from space. FREAKY  As Chaddy took the cat to the old man that was 5 blocks away. The old man came running outside and crab it of Chaddy  the old man had said "YOU FIND HIM YOU FIND HIM THANK YOU VERY MUCH DO YOU WANT TO COME INSIDE. Well he said no. The old man side "What is your name young man Chaddy said "Chad wick but they call me Chaddy.

The old man feed the cat why Chaddy ran away the old man went inside with a big smile on his face. As Chaddy walk in the he saw Alex he was only 31 Chaddy was 21. Chaddy saw a gun in Alex hand and said I forget all about the war and he crap Bob that was under the biggest tree yelling help help help as chaddy got there. Bob and them got back in the war .

Until it was till late there was a huge the biggest uncle and that when they ran a way trip over and everyone who was in the war and it was a trap there was know war and there were know real guns they were not real.

WHAT A LAUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Toy Came Alive

Packing up for Toby's 5 Birthday a wearied looking toy ripped out of the box. Ate up all the foods that had been prepared for the vistors and us and it look like it was not friendly. But I was a Toy Robot. 

HHHHOOOOLLLLYYYY that is a awesome toy I said, can I have it Toby NO!! I love this toy and I'm keeping it forever. Then we had been fighting the rest of the day and man the family hated it so they bought me one.

That is what we should do and we all said what Mum what is it, Sharing is what you should do. We all Said Okay and she said if you don't share I will take the TV away from you for three weeks. We did not want that to happen so we shared and shared.

Hey Mum thanks For getting us all a new one so we bought you some flower's.

The Bush Walk

Boy’s how are we today? Okay, if you are okay you should be excited because where going through the BBBUUUSSHHH!!! Yes we final get to go it has been months until dad has just changed his mind. Oh we forgot to tell you our names , Sorry. Hi my name is Bob and mine is Josh where not enjoying it so far if only we had lunch and also we had no car and we all screamed and yelled because we never thought survive. 

We needed food so we had to eat Hu Hu Gubis  and we almost felt sick so we ran to the revolting river to get a nice drink but then we all slipped and fell in river and our parents droned and we did not no how to swim. I spotted a Eel heading start at Mum and Dad but then it saw me and it saved me and my family so we found more Hu Hu Gubis and feed it to then and boy they loved it.

Pouring down was big chumps of rain and it hurt so then we found shelter and found giant leafs. So we made pillows and blankest and that night was a wild night. THe sun peking through the giant leafs we woke up and I found a lizard on my leg and screamed like a girl how feel off a building. Mum and Dad, Bob woke up because how loud it was.

My phone is working said dad, we are going to daily 111 and get the hell out of her then we heard a loud sigren that was loud and they found us so we can final go home and eat and drink and have a shower then on the way home we all argued how would go it the shower first and kept arguing and arguing and it just would not stop.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Favourite Food

Macaroni Cheese is my most favourite food and Pies and man these to foods are delusion and yum.

Favourite Online Game

If you like BMX games then listen up. There is this games called BMX Master were you do flips & tricks.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rex The Dinosaur

Rex needs you in his life this year.

Walking Down The Road

Walking down the road I saw smoke rising in the fresh air that will no longer be fresh but ha I can’t solve that can I know. Guess what it was the dairy on fire and that was one of the places where you could get lollies and fizzy so I saw people dashing out to save the lives then suddenly it all calabed and I felt sad for the people who lived there. They were crying and yelling and more crying and yelling!!!!!!!!!

I heard sirens that were very loud, I think it’s the Fire Engine with ten strong men like me of course. They turned on the Fire Hose and all you could see was a large amount of  water shooting out and it looked awesome. Then it hit me that I would love to be a Fire person and just imagine all the adventurers will have.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Madagascar 3

Do you like Movies ? Well here is a short one and the next blog-post I do will carry on with this story.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lisa Carrington's Gold Medal

My favourite athlete is Lisa Carrington. She is an amazing athlete at Canoeing because she came first and won the gold medal this year at the 2012 Olympic Games. Lisa was born in 1989 and where she trains is at Eastern Bay Ohope. She came 1st K2 1000m A Final 2010 World Cup Series. Her favorite food is a slushy (Icy drink) and she lives in a town called Ohope, in New Zealand.

One of Lisa Carrington’s goal was to win a gold medal and she has done it. She competed in the Olympics and reached her goal. Here is a video link about Lisa. She is an amazing athlete to watch and man you had to see her because she was faster than the woman who came first in 2010! (I think).
Just like a tiger hunting for a deer that is totally focused is just like how Lisa got the gold medal. She is not going to keep her eyes off the prize. I’m sure she must have worked hard every morning of the week. I like her cool technique, how she grabs that oar with her long arms and scoops it in the deep water, to reach the finish line. Deep long breaths are helping her body to move even faster.

Make sure you practice because maybe you might be an athlete just like Lisa Carrington. I love canoeing about the same amount as Lisa. I can’t wait until the next Olympics open in Rio in 2016!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Chickens are a bird that can fly sometimes. They can lay up to six eggs and that is amazing. There are little baby chicks in the very tiny eggs.

One of my chickens head got chopped off. It was not a black chicken of course. There was a black rooster that was called Guy.

There are five more left. My favourite one is the black rooster. I want 12 more chickens.

I don’t know what I feed them. They live in a cage. The cage is 12 meters long.

I think that chickens are fast and talented and they are cool.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Valerie Adams

I'm loving the Olympic Games so far are you? Well New Zealand is not as bad as I thought they were going to be. They have to be so proud of themselves and the other countries. The Olympics are a hard challenge for all of us to get into and maybe you might see me at the Olympics one day.

The Men's Hockey Game is on tonight and I think that I'm going to watch it hopeful. Valerie Adams came second last night and boy she was amazing. She could've come first but the other Women came first. The activity that I want to do is canoeing. This is a great moment for all of you to think of the sport  that you will want to do.

Enjoy the rest of the Olympics.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Sprinters Pose

Hi everyone as you can see I'm an Olympic sprinter in this photo and that is my beautiful pose! I represent New Zealand!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Boxing Uncle Johnny

Did you know I take Boxing lessons? My teacher is my Uncle and his name is Johnny. You need to have boxing gloves and a punching bag to punch. I learned it step by step and I’m not bad myself.

As you can see I am punching my Uncle in the face or if you would say knock out. You have to have your arms up to block so that you would not get knocked out. You can have a go yourself if you want. good luck to you guys and be safe when you try boxing.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Own Picasso,

                   This is my Picasso picture of Michael Jackson and here is my picture.

Art Alive Art Gallery,

  Here is a painting that I have enjoyed looking at and I think you should look at it too so here it is.
This is my best painting I have ever seen so far. It is a green shoe and it has lots of detail. And it was drawn by a girl called Seini-Minoneti.

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Favorite Thing At Term 2 2012

I love playing rugby for the school but not for club. It is so cool drawing rugby player's like Ma, Lomu and the All Blacks are cool and I am an artist that I think I am. I can't wait for Term 3 2012 and then I can tell you more about myself or maybe about my family. Thanks to all you talented people for posting comment's on my smart blog. I cannot give up writing amazing post's to you all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Youth Town

As I jumped straight out of the bus I found myself outside the Youth Town doors, guessing what activity I should do first? We were there because the topic was about art. We did some fantastic art there. We made clay tiles and I used clay and glass to make a koru design. But before all that we got some free time.

Staring at the white ball bouncing this way and that. Waiting in a huge line for someone to be defeated and finally a girl from Rm13 got out. It was my turn to be beating him or her at Table Tennis and being the new champion. I finally became the new champion until my teacher MrS defeated me.

But I still carried on with Table Tennis and stayed playing it. It was a great game to play and also go swimming, which I did not do because I was too busy playing Table Tennis.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thor - The Movie

1.  Thor is a super hero and he my favourite super hero because he is strong and has a hammer that he can control. He is a king and has a alien brother that Thor's Mum and Dad adopted. His name is Loki and he is the brother who betrayed his Father, Mother and Thor.

2.  My favourite part of the Thor movie is when a Toyota has a chain that they have tied around the hammer. When he throws it the boot falls off and the driver said, "Is it done?" You should watch it because it will make your kids laugh if they have never watched it before!

Monday, June 11, 2012


We have bean learning about Picasso I have copied a fabulous piece of art called The Nusch √Čluard. And here it is.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mr S is cool,

My favorite teachers talk to you before class about fun stuff, they are always funny, My cool teachers are fun and aren’t always talking about school. I like it when they relate things to actual things we are doing. They are normally young probably cause we always count on the old teachers to be terrible but this teacher is awesome and very funny. He is not like any other grumpy teacher. He is so talented and cool.

What makes a teacher cool to you. No In fact most schools have rules in their student handbooks about 'eating and drinking' in class. It is forbidden. His name is Kent Somerville and he is amazing. He tells us dry jokes and we pretend to laugh. He enjoys us in his class and I think I am to. I am enjoying this term very much in 2012.

This photo is Mr Somerville.

Thanks for reading my story about my teacher.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Remember To Be Respectful
Eyes And Ears
Speedy Response
Posture At Everyone

Do you respect someone's choice of religion if it isn't just like yours? Does harassment of someone over religion seem like respect to you? I respect someone that respects me. If a person does not respect me or others then I will not respect that person. You have to respect yourself first in order for other people to respect you. Being responsibility is a good thing to do for yourself our your teacher. I like the word Respect because it makes other people happy and things.

If you are wishy-washy in your personality, then most likely that is what comes through to these people that you say confront you about converting to their faith. You have to have the strength to demand the respect that you feel you deserve. Respect is a familiar word in that I've heard it that it is a very good word that Respect people and our self and special thing in your life.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Art Alive

Steering at the big screen my eyes were very focused and I was amazed at what those artists could do. They were very talented with using spray cans and some other paint. The videos are on the Room 16 Site. I said to myself ,“Man he's good at that”. So I wanted to be an artist and suddenly I am. Are you an artist?

If you are then why don’t you draw it or paint it and then sell it? Good luck with your drawing! I know you guys can do it. It looked so good that I had to put it on my blog. It looked so cool once he had finished it.  Thanks to you all who are reading my blog!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Swimming Pools

As we don't have a school pool we went for a swim at the Glen Innes Pools. It was going to be a great swim. When we arrived I got dressed as fast as I could so I can have some splash time and it was so fun that they put you in teams. Teams from 1-3 and I was in number 3.

Number three had to go into the big pool. It was very cold when I got in but then I said to myself that I’m a man not a muppet! :)

We all had a pro swimmer from the pools teaching us. Swimming is so fun but it’s hard. Far out my legs hurt, and I got passed by a girl! She was very fast at swimming but I can beat hear at running. I had a great time swimming and I never wanted to get out and leave the pools. Hopeful you liked my story. Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Rapture Ruckus

Rushing through the driveway in the car we went to see my favorite band. The bands’ name is called Rapture Ruckus. When we got there we chose to sit at the top level and yell. Oh I forgot to tell you that I took my Dad named Anthony and my little brother Jordan. But he’s not actually that little he’s just younger than me. Anyway let’s talk back about the Rapture Ruckus story. Me and my brother Jordan have all their CD’s. They have a pink and a gold CD. They are very creative with their cool songs. Thanks for singing do you get it.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cousins Sleep Over

My cool and talented cousins came to have a sleep over at my house. They came to the movies with us to see The Pirate Something. You know that I forgot the name of the movie so that is way I have called it The Pirate Something. It was okay but I need something that could entertain me more.

Then after the movie was finished we left and then we grabbed our cousins with our Aunty not noticing that we had taken them off her hands and we left (just joking). When we got back me and my brother Jordan jumped out of the car at the top of the driveway and ran to the house. We got our beyblades out and we had a challenge. I won because I had Rock leeone beyblade. He's good, really good. We all had fun playing together.

While I was sleeping my cousin Alexis and my brother Jordan were not asleep so I couldn't have a great night. They would talk to each other and telling jokes to each other. I didn't feel tired at all so I joined in with them. It was so fun that I laughed really loud. We had so much fun that they left. Thanks for reading.


 Amazingly jumping into the slimy smooth water, I did freestyle with my brother Jordan. It was alot of fun beating Jordan by miles but I cheated and that is how I won. I think he thinks I'm better. There are alot of other things that I am good at in the water, like backstroke, doggy paddle and some others.

I had lots of fun racing, playing in the big pool. It felt like smooth jelly once I dived in. Well as I said it felt like jelly but it didn't taste like jelly. I had a great time with my family except my dad who wasn't there, it was still fun. Bye bye now and thanks for listening to my story.


 Amazingly jumping into the slimy smooth water, I did freestyle with my brother Jordan. It was alot of fun beating Jordan by miles but I cheated and that is how I won. I think he thinks I'm better. There are alot of other things that I am good at in the water, like backstroke, doggy paddle and some others.

I had lots of fun racing, playing in the big pool. It felt like smooth jelly once I dived in. Well as I said it felt like jelly but it didn't taste like jelly. I had a great time with my family except my dad who wasn't there, it was still fun. Bye bye now and thanks for listening to my story.

Easter Hui Marae

Hi everyone I am going to tell you about how my first week of the holidays were. We were going where none of my family had been to before. It was very interesting. We went to a Marae called,Te Kotahitanga for an Easter Hui. As we got out of the car I was wondering how much fun it will be? I met a new friend because on the day we arrived we played togther. His name was Gabriel.

 There was a kids program that had two adults running it. Their names were Villi and Tania. They were so kind and nice. At the end of the day before we watched the movie there will be prizes handed out to the teams. The first prize was just one prize and it is a fizzy drink. There were some combo prizes but only two combo prizes were there. There was fizzy drink and a packet of chips and the next combo prize had a fizzy drink, packet of chips and a whole big block of chocolate that my team 5S won. That was the best Easter Hui ever. It felt like I was home but even better.

Thanks for listening to my amazing and magnificent story.

Rapture Ruckus

Hey want to listen to the story that I will tell you about and the name of the band is called Rapture Ruckus. They are my favourite band in the world is the one that I just told you about. Their music sounds  were so amazing that I bought the CD. The two songs that I like are called All Things New and No Matter What. You should buy the CD and here's a picture of the cd and it's right here.

That is the Rapture Ruckus sign and it's a very awesome and cool. They have a cool drummer and he went wild. The singer jumped into the crowd and let some of the crowd sing thourgh the micorphone. Everyone that was there loved it and I think there were more then six hundred fans going wild crazy. After that amazing performance me and my cool brother Jordan said to our dad " Thanks for taking us to the ASB Show Grounds to see my favourite band".

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Adventures Of OOK And Gluk

There is a book that makes me laugh and it’s called “ The Adventures Of OOK And Gluk Kung-Fu Cavemen From The Future”. It is an insteading book. There are two people that have the same name called “J.P. Goppernopper” and they were very bad people. Ook and Gluk also knew Kung-Fu.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Capitan Ash!

Arr, get that deck scrubbed you little ladies! Ha my name is Capitan Ash, the worlds greatest name of them all. Who is that person in the Mirror that looks so hansom? Ooh that’s me!

Don’t I look so beautiful! I have three crew members, Mohammad the dork, Paris the elf and Mosa the weirdo, who is very weird. They all think they are better then me but really they are nothing like me!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 & 6 Camp

There was a challenge that my team, “The Dream Team” had to complete. It was called Top Town. We bet the other team called the “Respect Stars". One of the things that I liked was making the puzzle. The puzzle that I made was Richie McCaw doing the haka. There was a lot of activities and we won all of them except one. The other team only won the water balloon fight because we sadly lost that round of the game. The best one for me was that we had to do the three person slingshot. That was very fun!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dr. Ben Carson

There was a very famous guy called Dr.Ben Carson who had a ruff time in his life. We got to hear him at TelstraClear Event Center and I was so excited to wait to hear about his life.

He said, “I had a ruff time when I was your age”. He had some very hard times in his life but he never gave up trying to do the right thing. "There was some very bad people that called me dummy and I agreed that I'm a dumb person," I used to say to myself.

"I kept on getting into fights, always getting into trouble and kept on making problems for myself."
He could only watch 2 TV programs a week. He was so board when she said he had to go to the library and grab out two books to read. While he was looking at some books, his mum went out and did three jobs for money.

He got so used to it she kept on reading and found out that it was very fun reading so he kept on reading. He had a lot of fun reading books. He aways got animal books and then he got car books and rock books and all sorts of other books. At the end he told us, “Keep on reading then you will enjoy it!” Then we sang the Duffy Song.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Duffy Thearter

Hi my is Scruffy, I love playing the guitar along with Pt. England School. They are a great audience to tell a story to them. My older brother is called ”Duffy”. Do you like our matching names. I like to read but my big brother Duffy reads to me. When we were about to go to field outside our house but then Duffy found a stupid dum book called “the best book in the world.

After “Sony Bill Williams is know leave because your read a dum book.” Duffy went outside to play the guitar and then I freak out the book that calls herself the best book in the world but then I crepeted out the dum book that went arrrrraaaa! That was when I freaked her out that I riptide the page off by accidently did it. Her came Duffy and he sore me hiding under the ripit page.

Friday, February 3, 2012

All About Myself

My name is Levi Samuels and I am 10 yrs old. My birthday is the 3rd of November 2001. I am a kiwi and my hair is black. My eye colour is a little brown.

My favourite sport is baseball.
One thing I like about me is that I can do sports. I Can run faster than the wind. My favorite subject at school is topic but my worst subject is writing.

There are a number of cool singers that I like but the one singer that I like the best is Bob Marley. The animal I like has a pink butt and it likes to climb. Do you know what animal I like? I like a "BABOON"! The best food I like is "veges". Veges are good for you and they make you stronger.

In my family I have three brothers one mum and Dad. I have five friends that are really cool to hang around with. Their names are Uili, Rocky, Wyatt, Jabez and Robert.

The best book in the world that I like is Soul Surfer. The story is about a girl that is a great surfer but then one of her arms get bitten off by a shark. It was so much fun to tell you the things that I like. There is so much more to tell you about me. But that is all I have for today. Thanks for reading my story.