Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dr. Ben Carson

There was a very famous guy called Dr.Ben Carson who had a ruff time in his life. We got to hear him at TelstraClear Event Center and I was so excited to wait to hear about his life.

He said, “I had a ruff time when I was your age”. He had some very hard times in his life but he never gave up trying to do the right thing. "There was some very bad people that called me dummy and I agreed that I'm a dumb person," I used to say to myself.

"I kept on getting into fights, always getting into trouble and kept on making problems for myself."
He could only watch 2 TV programs a week. He was so board when she said he had to go to the library and grab out two books to read. While he was looking at some books, his mum went out and did three jobs for money.

He got so used to it she kept on reading and found out that it was very fun reading so he kept on reading. He had a lot of fun reading books. He aways got animal books and then he got car books and rock books and all sorts of other books. At the end he told us, “Keep on reading then you will enjoy it!” Then we sang the Duffy Song.

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  1. Awesome writing son. sounds like a great man, that learnt some great things and then did them. Just like you. Keep up the great work love dad.


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