Monday, March 5, 2012

Duffy Thearter

Hi my is Scruffy, I love playing the guitar along with Pt. England School. They are a great audience to tell a story to them. My older brother is called ”Duffy”. Do you like our matching names. I like to read but my big brother Duffy reads to me. When we were about to go to field outside our house but then Duffy found a stupid dum book called “the best book in the world.

After “Sony Bill Williams is know leave because your read a dum book.” Duffy went outside to play the guitar and then I freak out the book that calls herself the best book in the world but then I crepeted out the dum book that went arrrrraaaa! That was when I freaked her out that I riptide the page off by accidently did it. Her came Duffy and he sore me hiding under the ripit page.

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