Friday, February 3, 2012

All About Myself

My name is Levi Samuels and I am 10 yrs old. My birthday is the 3rd of November 2001. I am a kiwi and my hair is black. My eye colour is a little brown.

My favourite sport is baseball.
One thing I like about me is that I can do sports. I Can run faster than the wind. My favorite subject at school is topic but my worst subject is writing.

There are a number of cool singers that I like but the one singer that I like the best is Bob Marley. The animal I like has a pink butt and it likes to climb. Do you know what animal I like? I like a "BABOON"! The best food I like is "veges". Veges are good for you and they make you stronger.

In my family I have three brothers one mum and Dad. I have five friends that are really cool to hang around with. Their names are Uili, Rocky, Wyatt, Jabez and Robert.

The best book in the world that I like is Soul Surfer. The story is about a girl that is a great surfer but then one of her arms get bitten off by a shark. It was so much fun to tell you the things that I like. There is so much more to tell you about me. But that is all I have for today. Thanks for reading my story.


  1. Hey Levi, you know you only have a picture right? Well Its very detailed.It looks real too. Good Work

  2. I love the picture, I love the writing, I love the book and I love the baboon. I love the your singer, surprised about the veges, but most of all son I love YOU! Love dad.

  3. Hi Levi I love your picture I love how you list the main thing of your hobbies. I like baseball to,nice work keep it up.


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