Friday, May 23, 2014

Science Road Show!!!!!!!

This very exciting thing happened to class five, and two from Pt England School. We went to Tamaki College to see the Science Road Show and man something's were awesome and some weren't. An hour and a half is how long we would be there for. By the way a whole lot of other Point England students said that some of the things they do are loud, awesome, yuck and creative.

Have you ever been to a Science Road Show before? I havn’t. I just couldn't wait to see their creative things that they had made. So sitting down in front of the speakers who tells you what they are going to do and things they will do. There was three people in the Science Road Show and they got me interested.

First there was some experiment’s they did in front of us. Also there were some things that they set up for us and they looked incredible. Then everyone got into and had a great time with their experiment’s and my all time favourite was where there was three mirrors and it looked like there was twenty mirrors and a lot of me’s.

Then the last experiment they did was with balloons. They put it on fire and we had to cover our ears. POP!!!!!!!! Man that is loud but that was just the first balloon out of two. The last one was so loud you could hear it even when you cover your ears. You could feel the heat bursting onto you.

I learn't that plants are kind of like us but they grow using heat, water, and carbon dioxide to breath. It is pretty much the same why we grow.

They said that it was the end of the Science Road Show and they’ll be at Motat.

Friday, May 16, 2014

What I learn't about sound

There is a game that we play because this term we are learning about Sound. There is a string that you can pick and you have to match the sound waves to be the same. It is very easy but also makes you know what the sound waves match our don’t. It is a very good game for sound.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sound Writing

There is a Science Investigation game that we played and I learn’t that the wider the drum the lower the sound will be. I had some questions to answer like witch drum makes a low sound and witch drum makes a high sound? The answer was that the smaller the drum the higher the sound will be. There are sound waves right now in the air but we can’t see them we hear them.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Goals For 2014

This year I have a goal to achieve for this year? Also to be a great House Captain for Tainui. I have another goal and it is that I make it into Sacred Heart for my College. If you can pray that I will make it into Sacred Heart College then that would be fantastic. Another Goal for me is that I will finish all my work on time. I also have to be able to get better at rugby.

I believe that I can to it!!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

First Badminton Lesson

What starts with Bat and ends with ton? Badminton and class five (Rm19) went into the hall to learn how to play Badminton. First we played stuck in the mud and there were three taggers chasing us around the hall. But no one tagged me. I'm just too fast for them don’t you think.

The first  thing we learn’t was backhand and forehand. We got a badminton bat and a shuttle and we hit the shuttle up in the sky. We had to see how many hits we could keep the shuttle up in the air. I hit the shuttle up in the air and I hit it 30 times.

Then we started to learn how to hit it up and down with our backhand and I hit it up 31 times. After my arms were sore from hitting it for so long. Once we got use to it class five had a challenge. It was a challenge were two people had to hit the shuttle back and forth and it was funny and cool.

If you ever get to play Badminton you should play it because it is really fun.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Timezone In Auckland

Dripping sweating, huffing and puffing because the holidays was so hot but it was awesome. One of the cool things we did was go to Timezone in Auckland at night was cool because we had a great deal with the lady who is at the counter. She said ‘‘that we could go on all of the green card swipers for two hours and use ten dollars on the yellow ones’’.
That is when we got our cards and head off to the games and my first one was a shooting game. You had to shoot the deer (male) and not a doe (female). What happens if you shoot a doe you don’t get any points. That's when I learn’t my lesson never shoot a doe.

Then I went to the Bball game (Basket Ball) game where you have to try and get as much hoops as you can. It was hard because it started to move side to side. But I'm to good so I missed about 14 and man I beat my dad.

After two hours it was fun to end the night but then we went to BK (Burger King). We got fries, hamburger, and to finish it off with a delicious Sundae with ozzing caramel. Whenever you get the chance in the weekends our in the next holidays. You have to go to Timezone.

See at Timezone if not keep reading my blog posts and I might have gone again.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Toby (little brother) tying his shoelace

Did you know my little brother Toby can tie his shoelace? He loves tying his own shoes that he ask others if he can tie theirs. There's two ways that I know how to tie a shoelace and they are the bunny ears, and the guns. The Bunny ears was the first way Toby learn’t but he found it difficult until Dad told Jordan (the second oldest) to teach him the guns.

The guns were so much easier then the bunny ears. He even showed us over, and over again and we were thrilled. I could not believe that he was six and he learn’t it so fast. It took me quite about 30 minutes. To see my little brother have so much joy on his face made me the happiest person ever.

The family made a song for that one person in the Samuels family to never give up. It goes like this. Give it a go, give it a go learn grow and have a lot of fun x2. So whenever Toby, Noah, Jordan or me are giving up on things i’ll always say, Give it a go, give it a go learn grow and have a lot of fun.

Hopefully when someone in your family is giving up easily just sing the song.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Burnt Scout Hall

One night a very sad thing happened. It was the Scout Hall two streets away from my house. It was funny that night because two out of four brothers (Jordan & Noah) were playing fake farts. Jordan did a fake fart and the fire engine went past right away with the siren on after his fake fart. The Scout Hall burnt down and we didn't notice until the next morning.

That morning everyone except dad went for a walk past the Burnt Scout Hall. I got to meet a woman who was a fire investigator and she said I've been up all morning. Then we asked a man what is his job was. He was a police photographer. He take more photos than the fire investigator.

There is nothing left inside and the stairs are burnt hard core. I go pass it quite a lot a grateful that know one was in it that we now. It is so sad that some people were the leaders there were disappointed. Hopefully they take it down and rebuild another one.

What do you think that they should do.

Immersion Assembly term 2

Good morning, good morning, good morning and welcome back to Pt England School. ‘‘I'm Mr Burt and I'm the the balloon man’’ Mr Burt said. We had heaps and heaps of balloons ducked taped to the stage and walkway. It was cool because I helped set it all up.

We had a stuffed New York Taxi and  we had 16 balloons around it and a launching string. Which was just string taped to the stage. I had the honour to launch it up in the air and then got stuck. Mr Burt had the stuffed car from 1980 I think and had it until now.

Started at team 1 and they are learning about the Zoo equipment and how they keep the animals safe and us. Team 2 is learning about flight. Team 3 are learning about Colours and team 4 are learning about what floats on water and us team 5 are learning about sounds.