Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Toby (little brother) tying his shoelace

Did you know my little brother Toby can tie his shoelace? He loves tying his own shoes that he ask others if he can tie theirs. There's two ways that I know how to tie a shoelace and they are the bunny ears, and the guns. The Bunny ears was the first way Toby learn’t but he found it difficult until Dad told Jordan (the second oldest) to teach him the guns.

The guns were so much easier then the bunny ears. He even showed us over, and over again and we were thrilled. I could not believe that he was six and he learn’t it so fast. It took me quite about 30 minutes. To see my little brother have so much joy on his face made me the happiest person ever.

The family made a song for that one person in the Samuels family to never give up. It goes like this. Give it a go, give it a go learn grow and have a lot of fun x2. So whenever Toby, Noah, Jordan or me are giving up on things i’ll always say, Give it a go, give it a go learn grow and have a lot of fun.

Hopefully when someone in your family is giving up easily just sing the song.


  1. OK, I am seriously impressed. That is one classy way to tie shoelaces. I think it will take me a lot of practice to figure it out though!
    Well done Team Samuels for another entertaining, yet informative, blog post!

  2. What an awesome video!! Keep up the creative, awesome work Samuels boys!!! :)

  3. Awesome work Levi. You are great at blogging.

  4. Cool video and what a great smile Toby has.

  5. Primo Son, I love the song at the end, whoever did come up with the song, it is so catching. Isn't Toby amazing. Love the way you encourage your brother...DAD


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