Friday, May 9, 2014

First Badminton Lesson

What starts with Bat and ends with ton? Badminton and class five (Rm19) went into the hall to learn how to play Badminton. First we played stuck in the mud and there were three taggers chasing us around the hall. But no one tagged me. I'm just too fast for them don’t you think.

The first  thing we learn’t was backhand and forehand. We got a badminton bat and a shuttle and we hit the shuttle up in the sky. We had to see how many hits we could keep the shuttle up in the air. I hit the shuttle up in the air and I hit it 30 times.

Then we started to learn how to hit it up and down with our backhand and I hit it up 31 times. After my arms were sore from hitting it for so long. Once we got use to it class five had a challenge. It was a challenge were two people had to hit the shuttle back and forth and it was funny and cool.

If you ever get to play Badminton you should play it because it is really fun.


  1. Great to hear you are enjoying badminton, sounds like we will need to have a game son. Love it. DAD

  2. I am pleased you enjoyed the sessions. It was lots of fun.

  3. Hi Levi.

    I love your work this year you have added a lot detail to this recount. Our class have been going to badminton lessons and it has been really fun. Cant wait to read more from your mean as blog.

    Kind Regards Rocky


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