Monday, May 5, 2014

Burnt Scout Hall

One night a very sad thing happened. It was the Scout Hall two streets away from my house. It was funny that night because two out of four brothers (Jordan & Noah) were playing fake farts. Jordan did a fake fart and the fire engine went past right away with the siren on after his fake fart. The Scout Hall burnt down and we didn't notice until the next morning.

That morning everyone except dad went for a walk past the Burnt Scout Hall. I got to meet a woman who was a fire investigator and she said I've been up all morning. Then we asked a man what is his job was. He was a police photographer. He take more photos than the fire investigator.

There is nothing left inside and the stairs are burnt hard core. I go pass it quite a lot a grateful that know one was in it that we now. It is so sad that some people were the leaders there were disappointed. Hopefully they take it down and rebuild another one.

What do you think that they should do.

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  1. Yes indeed, very sad! I understand that's where Mr Burt used to run the Riverside Club there a few years ago!
    Love Mum


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