Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly term 2

Good morning, good morning, good morning and welcome back to Pt England School. ‘‘I'm Mr Burt and I'm the the balloon man’’ Mr Burt said. We had heaps and heaps of balloons ducked taped to the stage and walkway. It was cool because I helped set it all up.

We had a stuffed New York Taxi and  we had 16 balloons around it and a launching string. Which was just string taped to the stage. I had the honour to launch it up in the air and then got stuck. Mr Burt had the stuffed car from 1980 I think and had it until now.

Started at team 1 and they are learning about the Zoo equipment and how they keep the animals safe and us. Team 2 is learning about flight. Team 3 are learning about Colours and team 4 are learning about what floats on water and us team 5 are learning about sounds.

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