Friday, May 23, 2014

Science Road Show!!!!!!!

This very exciting thing happened to class five, and two from Pt England School. We went to Tamaki College to see the Science Road Show and man something's were awesome and some weren't. An hour and a half is how long we would be there for. By the way a whole lot of other Point England students said that some of the things they do are loud, awesome, yuck and creative.

Have you ever been to a Science Road Show before? I havn’t. I just couldn't wait to see their creative things that they had made. So sitting down in front of the speakers who tells you what they are going to do and things they will do. There was three people in the Science Road Show and they got me interested.

First there was some experiment’s they did in front of us. Also there were some things that they set up for us and they looked incredible. Then everyone got into and had a great time with their experiment’s and my all time favourite was where there was three mirrors and it looked like there was twenty mirrors and a lot of me’s.

Then the last experiment they did was with balloons. They put it on fire and we had to cover our ears. POP!!!!!!!! Man that is loud but that was just the first balloon out of two. The last one was so loud you could hear it even when you cover your ears. You could feel the heat bursting onto you.

I learn't that plants are kind of like us but they grow using heat, water, and carbon dioxide to breath. It is pretty much the same why we grow.

They said that it was the end of the Science Road Show and they’ll be at Motat.


  1. Can you add some of the things you learnt from exploring the activities and from the shows they put on in the beginning and at the end? Go back in and edit your writing and share with us what your learnt.

  2. Hey Levi
    I am just commenting on peoples blogs right now. RAK year i am just showing random acts of kindness. You need to edit and review your writing. Well done just sharing the kindness! lol Anamei


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