Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Timezone In Auckland

Dripping sweating, huffing and puffing because the holidays was so hot but it was awesome. One of the cool things we did was go to Timezone in Auckland at night was cool because we had a great deal with the lady who is at the counter. She said ‘‘that we could go on all of the green card swipers for two hours and use ten dollars on the yellow ones’’.
That is when we got our cards and head off to the games and my first one was a shooting game. You had to shoot the deer (male) and not a doe (female). What happens if you shoot a doe you don’t get any points. That's when I learn’t my lesson never shoot a doe.

Then I went to the Bball game (Basket Ball) game where you have to try and get as much hoops as you can. It was hard because it started to move side to side. But I'm to good so I missed about 14 and man I beat my dad.

After two hours it was fun to end the night but then we went to BK (Burger King). We got fries, hamburger, and to finish it off with a delicious Sundae with ozzing caramel. Whenever you get the chance in the weekends our in the next holidays. You have to go to Timezone.

See at Timezone if not keep reading my blog posts and I might have gone again.


  1. I'm guessing your icecream "sundae" was dripping with "oozing caramel"? Actually, no guessing, I was there living it!
    Love Mum

  2. Sounds like a fun night! Love your descriptive language you used in the beginning.


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