Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Remember To Be Respectful
Eyes And Ears
Speedy Response
Posture At Everyone

Do you respect someone's choice of religion if it isn't just like yours? Does harassment of someone over religion seem like respect to you? I respect someone that respects me. If a person does not respect me or others then I will not respect that person. You have to respect yourself first in order for other people to respect you. Being responsibility is a good thing to do for yourself our your teacher. I like the word Respect because it makes other people happy and things.

If you are wishy-washy in your personality, then most likely that is what comes through to these people that you say confront you about converting to their faith. You have to have the strength to demand the respect that you feel you deserve. Respect is a familiar word in that I've heard it that it is a very good word that Respect people and our self and special thing in your life.

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