Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mr S is cool,

My favorite teachers talk to you before class about fun stuff, they are always funny, My cool teachers are fun and aren’t always talking about school. I like it when they relate things to actual things we are doing. They are normally young probably cause we always count on the old teachers to be terrible but this teacher is awesome and very funny. He is not like any other grumpy teacher. He is so talented and cool.

What makes a teacher cool to you. No In fact most schools have rules in their student handbooks about 'eating and drinking' in class. It is forbidden. His name is Kent Somerville and he is amazing. He tells us dry jokes and we pretend to laugh. He enjoys us in his class and I think I am to. I am enjoying this term very much in 2012.

This photo is Mr Somerville.

Thanks for reading my story about my teacher.


  1. How awesome to have a teacher who loves teaching - and is so good at it. I'm glad you're enjoying school! So have you been able to eat lots of food in class?
    Love Mum

  2. I love your work Levi and am glad to see you are having a great year. Cool graphic too.

    I will admit to being a tad depressed about the "we always count on the old teachers to be terrible" comment. I will welcome suggestions as to how I might improve!

    Your blog fan

    Mrs Burt


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