Monday, April 23, 2012

Rapture Ruckus

Hey want to listen to the story that I will tell you about and the name of the band is called Rapture Ruckus. They are my favourite band in the world is the one that I just told you about. Their music sounds  were so amazing that I bought the CD. The two songs that I like are called All Things New and No Matter What. You should buy the CD and here's a picture of the cd and it's right here.

That is the Rapture Ruckus sign and it's a very awesome and cool. They have a cool drummer and he went wild. The singer jumped into the crowd and let some of the crowd sing thourgh the micorphone. Everyone that was there loved it and I think there were more then six hundred fans going wild crazy. After that amazing performance me and my cool brother Jordan said to our dad " Thanks for taking us to the ASB Show Grounds to see my favourite band".

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