Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Hui Marae

Hi everyone I am going to tell you about how my first week of the holidays were. We were going where none of my family had been to before. It was very interesting. We went to a Marae called,Te Kotahitanga for an Easter Hui. As we got out of the car I was wondering how much fun it will be? I met a new friend because on the day we arrived we played togther. His name was Gabriel.

 There was a kids program that had two adults running it. Their names were Villi and Tania. They were so kind and nice. At the end of the day before we watched the movie there will be prizes handed out to the teams. The first prize was just one prize and it is a fizzy drink. There were some combo prizes but only two combo prizes were there. There was fizzy drink and a packet of chips and the next combo prize had a fizzy drink, packet of chips and a whole big block of chocolate that my team 5S won. That was the best Easter Hui ever. It felt like I was home but even better.

Thanks for listening to my amazing and magnificent story.

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