Monday, April 30, 2012

Rapture Ruckus

Rushing through the driveway in the car we went to see my favorite band. The bands’ name is called Rapture Ruckus. When we got there we chose to sit at the top level and yell. Oh I forgot to tell you that I took my Dad named Anthony and my little brother Jordan. But he’s not actually that little he’s just younger than me. Anyway let’s talk back about the Rapture Ruckus story. Me and my brother Jordan have all their CD’s. They have a pink and a gold CD. They are very creative with their cool songs. Thanks for singing do you get it.

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  1. Hey Levi,

    I have seen you have gotten better at writing and that you like posting every week. The thing I liked about your story is how you told me where you went what you did and who was with you. Rapture Ruckus is one of my favourite band groups because I have heard them sing on the radio. My favourite song from them is the one we heard in CRE because Mrs Clark showed us it. You must of had a lot of fun at the concert. Keep up the good work buddy.

    By and God bless,

    From your buddy Shalom


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