Friday, May 4, 2012

Swimming Pools

As we don't have a school pool we went for a swim at the Glen Innes Pools. It was going to be a great swim. When we arrived I got dressed as fast as I could so I can have some splash time and it was so fun that they put you in teams. Teams from 1-3 and I was in number 3.

Number three had to go into the big pool. It was very cold when I got in but then I said to myself that I’m a man not a muppet! :)

We all had a pro swimmer from the pools teaching us. Swimming is so fun but it’s hard. Far out my legs hurt, and I got passed by a girl! She was very fast at swimming but I can beat hear at running. I had a great time swimming and I never wanted to get out and leave the pools. Hopeful you liked my story. Thanks for reading!

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