Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sophie was in the dark cave as the BFG was getting the frobscottle from the cupboard. “Would you like to have some frobscottle?” He asked Sophie. In his hand the BFG held a pale green drink where the bubbles appeared to burst downwards.”Why are the bubbles going down?” Sophie said. “Bubbles always go down never up. Is that what it does in your drinks? How redunkulous!” the BFG said. Drinking some of the frobscottle the BFG did a massive whizz popper and he went flying like a rocket up in the air. “How rude!” Sophie commented. Sophie then tried some of the frobscottle herself. Bubbles fizzed downwards in her tummy and ultimately came out in the most rudest and inappropriate of ways!


  1. AWESOME writing Levi, fantastic use of descriptive words. It made me want to read more and more find out what else happens. I love the last sentence made me laugh. Really great writing son and and great short story, the kind you could make a movie of. Love Dad

  2. hi levi,
    i like your bfg picture its cool!


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