Thursday, October 25, 2012

Toy Came Alive

Packing up for Toby's 5 Birthday a wearied looking toy ripped out of the box. Ate up all the foods that had been prepared for the vistors and us and it look like it was not friendly. But I was a Toy Robot. 

HHHHOOOOLLLLYYYY that is a awesome toy I said, can I have it Toby NO!! I love this toy and I'm keeping it forever. Then we had been fighting the rest of the day and man the family hated it so they bought me one.

That is what we should do and we all said what Mum what is it, Sharing is what you should do. We all Said Okay and she said if you don't share I will take the TV away from you for three weeks. We did not want that to happen so we shared and shared.

Hey Mum thanks For getting us all a new one so we bought you some flower's.

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  1. Hey Levi I like your story. The best thing I like about it is the picture. I look forward to your next posts. Keep it up.

    From Uili


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