Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Bush Walk

Boy’s how are we today? Okay, if you are okay you should be excited because where going through the BBBUUUSSHHH!!! Yes we final get to go it has been months until dad has just changed his mind. Oh we forgot to tell you our names , Sorry. Hi my name is Bob and mine is Josh where not enjoying it so far if only we had lunch and also we had no car and we all screamed and yelled because we never thought survive. 

We needed food so we had to eat Hu Hu Gubis  and we almost felt sick so we ran to the revolting river to get a nice drink but then we all slipped and fell in river and our parents droned and we did not no how to swim. I spotted a Eel heading start at Mum and Dad but then it saw me and it saved me and my family so we found more Hu Hu Gubis and feed it to then and boy they loved it.

Pouring down was big chumps of rain and it hurt so then we found shelter and found giant leafs. So we made pillows and blankest and that night was a wild night. THe sun peking through the giant leafs we woke up and I found a lizard on my leg and screamed like a girl how feel off a building. Mum and Dad, Bob woke up because how loud it was.

My phone is working said dad, we are going to daily 111 and get the hell out of her then we heard a loud sigren that was loud and they found us so we can final go home and eat and drink and have a shower then on the way home we all argued how would go it the shower first and kept arguing and arguing and it just would not stop.

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