Thursday, December 13, 2012

Funniest Camp Moment

The funniest thing happened at Camp Bentzon I optimus number 12 got chosen to be sailed by a  girl who had the meanest looks I think her name was Giselle she was too amazing for her age.

She pushed and shoved just to be in my optimus I felt real special until they pulled me into the water. I felt as if this really great looking stranger would use me well and had confidence but I was really really...WRONG!
I thought she was confident but she was moaning and groaning to not go in the water my excitement went from a hundred percent to well below than zero.

But she was not allowed to stay because everyone had to participate in this event. I'm sure your thinking the same thing "What's up with humans" am I right? am I right? Of course I am also I am the most beautiful sail if you know what I mean. But as soon as we hopped into the water she freaked out and the water was three inches high.
At that moment I just didn't want her to be in my boat.

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